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Sandwiches are one of the most loved fast food among the youth, they are easy to prepare and have an awesome taste as well. These sandwiches have a variety of flavors which are quite palatable and enjoyed by the majority.

The manufacturers and the restaurants who prepare and deliver such sandwiches and are hunting for a path through which they can globalize their sandwich making business can do so by a bulk mailing service termed as the MailGet Bolt.

The MailGet Bolt services enable you to send mails to a huge customer base that will make your customers acquainted with food items you prepare and sell.

Multiple functions that are inbuilt in the email service software through which an attractive mail can be created explaining all the features of your sandwich delivery business.

Various Features Of  The MailGet Bolt :-

Initiating Through Creating Sandwich Business Template :-

There are a number of ways by which the emails can be created in the software and one of the options is the drag and drop builder where you simply have to select the desired field and drop it on the content section.

There are others options as well where you can create an amazing template like basic text editor, theme template and custom code editor.

Add Email Ids Of Sandwich Lover To The Contact List :-

The contact lists of the mail recipients can be created where the email ids of all the sandwich consumers can be added. Many different lists can be induced in the respective section of the software which keeps the contacts segregated and intact so the offers and the discounts offered by you are intimated to the consumers easily.

There are multiple lists as well which keeps you informed about the status of the mail that you have sent to your consumers like spammed list, suspended lists and bounced lists.

Autoresponder And Send Drips To Maximize Your Sandwich Delivery :-

When there is a requirement that a mail needs to be delivered to a number of contact lists and at a defined time and day then the user can switch to drips. The time zone and other settings need to customize as per the user need and then drips can be sent to multiple consumers.

Autoresponder is another feather in the cap for the emailing software that will send a specific mail to the consumer as soon as he or she fills up the subscription form.


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