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The weather outside is frightful & terrible so, people are more concerned about their tan look as the sun rays are so noxious these days.

This is only the right time to tell everyone about your tanning salon and can get a number of clients for the sunless spa.

But the problem is how to make people aware of your tan salon in an effective & trust gaining way?

The solution is email marketing, by which you can directly contact clients via emails & by sending a personal email to the customer you can easily build a healthy customer-owner relation.

For this, you need an email marketing software & that powerful marketing tool is MailGet Bolt. This campaign will provide you each & every feature that are required to boost the email marketing for tanning salon strategies.

Design Amazing Email Templates To Update Your Tanning Salon Customers

By sending creative and informative sunless spas email templates to the clients you can easily grab their attention towards your tanning salon business. This building tool helps you to create a responsive template which means it will look same when open with any gadgets.

Following are some email building techniques you can make use of anyone as per your necessity:

Theme template: This email marketing software gives 150+ free inbuilt email templates to its user. So that they need not put any efforts in designing the templates.

Drag & drop builder: By just dragging the images, button, text one can easily design innovative and progressive emails for the tanning salon trade. This is an excellent email builder tool with less effort & time you can create beautiful templates for your tanning spa.

Basic text editor: Here you can write simple text emails which can be easily understood by sunless salon customers. You can send any emails like:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free on tanning lotion.
  • 40% discount on sunbed service for first 10 customers.

Custom code editor: You can simply copy and paste the HTML/CSS source code in this editor. Either if someone has the knowledge of this codes then they can also create by writing the codes here and can create email templates for their tanning salon.

Keep Eye On Your Tanning Salon Emails Via Email Tracking Feature

This marketing software gives an outstanding feature that is email tracking with the help of this you can track the sent emails. By using this service you are able to know the following things:

  • The total number of tanning salon sent emails can be checked here.
  • Among the sent emails how many were opened by the tanning salon subscriber.
  • Also, we can see that how many times the sunbed salon link has been clicked.
  • Unsubscribed rate of the sunless spa can also be identified by this feature.

As you provide the best tanning removal service to the clienteles. In the same way, MailGet Bolt also gives a top-class email marketing service for tanning salons & other parallel suntan parlors.

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