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Do you own a teeth whitening clinic that offers hi-tech dental care services, but still lagging behind in the industry & not able to gain customers those could help grow the oral care trade?

This may be because people, both local & global, may not be aware of the tooth whitening & brightening service you are providing. Stop taking the help of outdated print media options to promote the dental services & start publicizing the firm using email marketing services.

MailGet Bolt – email marketing for teeth whitening treatment & dental hygienist, is a rapid & premium online marketing software that allows to send a bulk of emails & promotes the cosmetic dentistry brand across the globe.

This email marketing software has best & top functionalities like easy email building methods, excellent contact management that simplifies the whole process of online promotion.

Notify Clients About Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatments Via Enticing Emails

Create email templates featuring the pictures & taglines of your oral treatment clinic using drag-n-drop email builder. You can add images, text, call to action buttons, social icons to the pre-constructed fields & move/relocate them to create attractive email templates.

MailGet Bolt provides two more ways to send emails:

  • Pre-built templates: Handy email templates are an exclusive & absolutely free feature of this software, which gets cloned & gets stored in the dashboard on a single click. You can use these ready to use templates & save time while promoting the oral cleaning treatments.
  • Basic Text editor: If you are not willing to send emails with pictures & other multimedia options, then you can also dispatch text only emails regarding any orthodontic specialty service.

All these emails are responsive & can be viewed from any device, thus helping you to target those customers who day in & day out are browsing their mobiles & iPads.

Build A Valuable Communication With Dental Whitening Clinic Clients With Autoresponder & Drip Emails

MailGet Bolt enables you to nurture an effective contact with the potential customer base right from the beginning. Use the autoresponder feature of this email marketing service to automatically sends emails regarding the teeth whitening treatments right from the time of their subscription.

Once the user gets subscribed to your website then, you can run a drip campaign & send a series of emails to them informing about the dental cosmetic services. This facility helps you to reach the customers at the right time when they are most likely to engage with the emails.

User subscribes -> responded by automated emails -> constantly fed by emails on oral whitening treatments via drip emails -> increased user engagement -> chances of conversion increases.

Collect Plenty Of Contacts With Subscription Form & Easily Manage Huge List Of Subscribers

You can also create email sign-up forms with MailGet Bolt & place them onto high-converting websites. This will increase the subscribers’ list very smoothly & thereby, driving more crowd to your tooth whitening clinic’s website.

A collection of the contact details of all potential customers is not sufficient to run a successful email campaign. It is equally important to manage the contact list. This email marketing software provides:

  • List segmentation: Categorize the subscribers into lists of least profitable, most profitable or according to their dental treatment needs. This will empower you to send targeted emails to a specific bunch of crowd, thereby increasing the possibility of client involvement.
  • List management: MailGet Bolt sorts out the unsubscribed emails, bounce contact list as this will enhance email reputation & save your oral care business emails from being spammed.

Email Marketing For Teeth Whitening Treatment

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