MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Trade Agencies & Business Owners

Trade Agencies, Business Owners, And Other International Marketing Companies Can Use This Email Marketing Software

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing Service For Trade Agencies & Business Owners

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Trading companies are businesses working with different kind of products & selling them to consumers, businesses or for government purposes.

So, if you are the owner of a trading agency who is seeking for a way to do proper marketing of it then you have come to the right place.

I am introducing you to a cost-effective email marketing software, which is known as MailGet Bolt.

Why Choose A Profitable Email Marketing Software?

Because it is responsive in nature while you can create multiple emails templates with the help of various email building tool. Also, with no hosting, no complication setup required you can send emails via amazon SES and other SMTPs.

MailGet Bolt is for whom?

Trade agencies, business owners, international marketing companies & all alike firms.

Creative Email Building Tools For Promoting Trade Agencies:

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create and send an attractive email with the help of drag & drop builder. You are gifted with heading, images, text, links and social icons with other impressive features that will make the Business agency email more eye-catching.

Basic Text Editor

Formal emails can be built with the help of basic text editor. All you have to do is choose your font type, size and subject which you want to send to your consumers and you are good to go.

Custom Code Editor

Create emails stuffs with HTML code and send it to your potential customers, this way you can send text and images too. Copy the code from the outer source too if you don’t have any code.

Theme Template

A library of free pre-built templates is provided by this email marketing service to choose from. All you have to do is select the template related to your trade agencies, edit it and send it your customers.

Contacts Of Trade Agency:

To promote your trade agency, first, you need to arrange all your contacts properly so that in future you can justify your customers with emails. Also, upload a CSV file to transfer your other contacts here. Create as many lists as you want to differentiate your list of customers such as:

  • Agents.
  • Distributors.
  • Suppliers.

Other 3 main lists:

Suspended List: List of the customers who have unsubscribed themselves from your trade services.

Bounce Email List: Those customer having an invalid email address will fall into this list when you fails sending them your business firm advertising emails.

Spam/Complaint List: Due to the agitation of getting continuous emails, customers might have kept you in their spam folder, so their email Id will get automatically registered here.

Build Healthy Relationship Via Autoresponders:


Go through all your previous emails which you have created in the past. Edit them, and send it again to the other lot of your customers.


Send automated emails whenever any new customers will subscribe in your trade company’s site. These can be in the form of welcome emails, offers or discount etc.

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