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Have you surfed a handful of sites or articles looking for just a simple question on your mind – “How to explore, expand your veterinary business” but tired of their innumerable explanations/ideas/suggestions and recommendations?

Well, then putting everything aside, you just need to get up and try this amazing application i.e, Email Marketing for your veterinary, pet care, animal care centers, hospitals or clinic.

Mind Boggling Questions As A Veterinary Doctor –

  • How would I be benefited from this OR Why should I go for implementing an application like this?
  • Have you ever imagined HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE LOSING YEAR AFTER YEAR for educating people importance of vaccination of pets through conducting camps or spreading awareness through pamphlets(frankly speaking people just pay no attention to these kinds of flyer/booklet or handout)?

Our Piece Of Advice –

To save your time and money in spending on extra additional expenses, email marketing is the complete & pocket-friendly solution for you.

Implementing Email Marketing Is The Means Through Which You Can Change The Scenario Of Your Veterinary Hospital Or Business –

MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Tool is an affordable and One Time Investment application software to manage your veterinary services and business. Here managing your business/services means you can send numerous emails which will spread the awareness among pet owners/lovers and they will get to know about your veterinary hospital, services & veterinary medicine in a better way.

Send Regular Emails Or Tips To Pet & Animal Owners Through An Automated Process

Educate pet owners about vaccinations and animal care through Automated email service. You can maintain a separate or categorize your list of contacts in your address book and schedule time/ date to trigger the emails. Take for example guide communal about – “Top 10 pet care tips” OR “Safety tips for working with animals” through email marketing.

Pet Doctors Can Now Make Sure That Pets Receive The Highest Standard Of Healthcare

Another feature of email marketing is Drip emailing. Use drip emailing to send a series of follow-up emails to your clients, pet owners/lovers or animal keeper. You can also use drip emailing as reminders to inform pet and animal lovers about their pet appointments and also about their regular health checkups.

Spread Awareness To Millions About Animal Vaccination, Pet Insurance, Disease Treatment Or Surgery

Send beautiful email templates wishing their pet’s good health and their nutrition requirements. Also, pet doctors can create a beautiful visual email template or content template for organizing events or camps for the dog, pet and animal lovers to give vaccinations and educate more about their pet training, minding, grooming, insurance, and care.

You can even make sure that who all has read your mail and are ready to join the event. Getting Real Time Reports about email opens, click and bounce can only be possible through email marketing.

Enhanced And Systematic Arrangement Of You Contact List – Categorize Your Veterinary Hospital Or Clinic Address Book

Keep secure and create different slots or category of the list of n numbers of patients name and email address in an organized form. As veterinary doctors deal with wide varieties of animals. So it is essential to keep a track and record of their patients(pet & pet owners) in an organized form.

Email Marketing for Veterinarians


To know more and to get success in anything can only be achieved by taking the risk involved. I am sure that using email marketing will not only let you eliminate indirect expenses of your business but will also bring a huge amount of cash inflows complementing an organized system or management.

Do not forget to share your success stories. Maybe someone out there would get an inspiration by you.   

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