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Create Email Marketing Templates Of Women Empowerment NGO Via Mailget Bolt.

Email Marketing For Women Empowerment NGO

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In development and economics, the talk of women empowerment is a significant topic.

“Women equality with men” and “women empowerment” is now a universal issue.

So, if you are running a non-governmental organization and want to promote it on a more transparent & global stage then email marketing is your path.

Here we are providing an amazing email marketing tool known as MailGet Bolt. Using this software you can create tons of email marketing templates with different types of style.

MailGet Bolt software can be used by:

  • Women empowerment NGO
  • Women rights organizations
  • Women enabling associations
  • And other philanthropists.

Deliver “Prevention Of Violence Against Women” Emails In Your Client’s Inbox:

Create emails in regards to women empowerment and send them via these 2 main campaigns. They are:

  • Regular
  • Drips

In regular we get 4 main types of email building tools which are as following:

  • Drag & drop email builder: Send attractive and eye-catching emails via this tool, as you get to set the heading, text, images, and links in the template and send them to your potential clients.
  • Basic text editor: This tool allows you to send text-only emails, where you can write any formal message so that your clients can take it more seriously and can understand it too.
  • Custom code editor: Paste the custom HTML code in your emails via this email tool. You can copy the code from another source too and send the emails to your clients who are donating capital in your NGO.
  • Theme template: Don’t want to create women rights promotional emails by yourself? No problem, theme template is a pre-built responsive and drag and drop compatible template, all you have to do is select from one and edit it according to your need.

In drip we get 4 main type of email building tools which are as following:

The email making tools are same as a regular campaign, the only difference is that you can set the time, date, emails and send them according to your need. This is very helpful if you are stuck somewhere or have to do some work, drip will take care of your email sending timings.

Women’s Rights” Contacts Tab At Its Best:

We are sure that you are having tons of supporters and donation givers, but you also need to arrange them accordingly so that you won’t get lost in any confusion of organizing the customers.

You can create as many contact lists as you want under any heading according to your convenience.

You can further differentiate contact list as following:

  • Suspended list: This list contains the Ids of those clients who have unsubscribed you because of their personal reasons.
  • Bounce email list: This list contains the Ids of those clients who are having an invalid email address, that is the reason why your women empowerment NGO promotional emails get bounce back in this list.
  • Spam/complaint list: This list contains the Ids of those customers who have decided to put your emails in their spam or complaint list due to frustrations of getting mails on regular basis.

Upload a CSV file to transport contact list from your PC to the dashboard. You can also delete the contact file which is not in use.

Email Marketing For Women Empowerment NGO

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