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There are about 1.8 billion young people in all around the world and they have the power to transform the world. It’s our responsibility to lead them in the front lines to let them show the whole world that how much capable and talented they are.

Now if you are doing such an exceptional work by running a youth empowerment organization or NGO, then you need to promote it. Let the youth know that, there is someone who is taking care of them & empowering them.

Reach your organization’s voice among today’s youth by our MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Youth Empowerment Organizations & NGO’s, because email marketing is the future of marketing campaign.

Attract Youth By Logical Email Building –

Today’s youth generation prefers logic instead of fanciness, so build some analytically strong & responsive email templates by 4 different email builders: –

  1. Drag & Drop Email Builder – This builder has some fancy layouts to add images, taglines of your NGO by simple drag-n-drop feature to build an email template in few clicks.
  2. Basic Text Editor – If You want to send some formal text emails regarding youth empowerment, then you should use a basic text editor.
  3. Custom Code Editor – This editor uses HTML code for writing an email instead of text.
  4. Theme Templates – There are many free pre-designed theme templates offered by MailGet Bolt. You can clone them and use in your email campaigns for crowdfunding.

Target The Selective Youth By Choosing The Right Campaign –

Before starting to create an email, you need to choose between two campaigns –

  1. Regular Campaign – You can send emails to any contact list immediately, just create it, select the list and press send.
  2. Drip campaign – Drip campaign is a special feature by which you can schedule the emails to a certain time. Once the drips are set, emails will automatically start sending at the right time, to the right person.

Create Contact List On The Basis Of Age Difference, A Different Strategy For Different Age Group –

After creating emails, you can send it to multiple contact lists. But before doing that, you need to add few contact lists. This is how you can contact to your targeted audience with a specific email content.

You can create so many non-identical lists such as –

  1. Age Group 18-20
  2. Age Group 20-22
  3. Age Group 22-24
  4. Sponsors Lists

Use Personalized Tags To Make The Youth Feel Special –

Take your promotional campaigns to the driving seat by sending emails with personalized names. These are a sign of trust, reliance and adding them will result in great opening up and higher conversation rates.  


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