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“Delectable marketing tool to add a flavour to your fruits and vegetable production business emails”

The competition in the food industry has highly increased because of which vegetables, fruits traders and marketers adopt every trick to remain ahead in the competitions.

For vegetable agriculture sector, email marketing is the great way to make aware of their fresh & organic products on a global level.

You can gain numbers of clients and prospects with MailGet Bolt, a bulk email marketing software for horticulture professionals.

MailGet Bolt provides most of the necessary features which enable you to promote the latest horticulture techniques & services.

Compose & Promote The Horticulture Benefits On The Modern Living Through MailGet Bolt Software

Email Builder

This top-class feature of the email marketing service allows you to create the best presentation of the agricultural techniques to the targeted audiences. The email template can be created in few moments by the dragging the required field and dropping it into the email content.

Basic Text Editors

Sends formal emails to your users with basic text editors, this can be implemented to send the alert emails of service subscription of arboriculture, landscape horticulture, etc. techniques.

Personalization Tag

Get personalised with your audience by substituting their name in the email subject. It enhances to build the strong relationship with respect to your land restoration and maintenance business. You can add the personalization tag by placing the name of recipients in the { } bracket.

Discover The New Experience Of Agriculture Techniques Marketing With Automation

Drip Campaign

It’s an automated process, which sends the series of promotional or informative emails to the users about the best genetics farming after fixed intervals of time. It is integrated to deliver the right information at right time.

Auto FollowUp

Horticulture therapy and indigenous horticulture are getting much popular for organic vegetable production and this feature makes sure that every user must be aware of it.

That’s why it resends the emails automatically again who missed opening the emails. This increase the opening rates of your horticulture campaign.


It sends the automated acknowledgement to the users whenever they submit the address or any queries on horticulture types (floriculture, olericulture, etc) from your official web portal.

Prominent Features Of MailGet Bolt

>> Email tracking system

>> Full responsive layout

>> Multiple service plan

>> Easy contact management

>> Dedicated customer support

>> Easy controls

>> Best user interface

>> Call to action button

>> Social Icons

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