MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For House Sitting & Caretakers

Email Marketing Software Which Is Specially Equipped With Tools To Advertise Your House Sitting Services

Email Marketing Service For House Sitting & Caretakers

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House sitting has now become a profession for individuals which was earlier taken care by locals of the neighborhood. As people travel from different locations to look after home, property, and pets of other people.

This practice of house sitting has evolved a lot these days. In Order to promote a business like this, you need to have the latest and advanced marketing tool.

For this Email Marketing Service For House Sitting & Caretakers will be the best option for you. Using this email marketing platform you can advertise your services and attract customer from around the world to the desired location.

Email Marketing Service For House Sitting & Caretaker

Track All Your Campaigns Emails

Email Marketing Service For House Sitting has got a premium email tracking system which allows you to monitor entire users activities on your sent mails.

You can evaluate the performance of different campaigns through following results: –

  • Opened: – Will let you know the number of emails opened by your clients.
  • Sent Emails: – Track the delivery rate of any particular campaign and see the total number of emails delivered.
  • Clicks: -This will tell you the number of clicks received on the links provided.
  • Unsubscribe Users: – This will notify how many customers have unsubscribed from your emails.

Autoresponder To New Registrations

Using the autoresponder feature you can send pre-drafted emails to all new customers who have been added to your contact list. This feature will automatically trigger a greeting email as a response to new subscriptions.

Contact List Management

This email marketing platform also provides list management facility through which you can easily manage all your email contacts.

You can now send emails and promote your services by delivering emails to the right recipient. This will automatically reduce the email address clashing.

Drip Email Campaign

One of the best feature to target customer at times when they most available to get engaged in your mails are drip emailing.

This feature helps you to schedule the date & time of emails and send the same content to different customers.

Multiple Email Builder Choices

Through this email marketing software, you can create attractive emails which are totally responsive. Below are a few email building options explained

  • The Drag & Drop is the easiest among all as you just need to select the predefined fields and put them in the desired location. Feed the text or media content in them and you are ready to send.
  • With the Custom Code Editor, you can stuff personalized HTML code in your emails and send them to your customers with specific details like client name, personal details and more.

Extra Facilities That Our Email Marketing Software Has Got To Offer

  1. 24*7 Live Customer Support
  2. User-Friendly Dashboard
  3. Effective Reporting System
  4. Cost-Effective Email Service
  5. Email Campaign Search Bar
  6. 99% Inbox Delivery
  7. Different Pricing Packages
  8. Import Bulk Contacts
  9. Add Premium Subscription Form
  10. Various Email Builders

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Email Marketing Service For House Sitting

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