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Mobile home park living is gaining much popularity and becomes a top choice for the aging population because they are free from excessive property taxes.

So this is the great time to drag your business in forward direction with the effective marketing of your land lease business.

If we talk about effective marketing then bulk Email Marketing will be the best because it has best ROI (Return On Investment).

Start your campaign with MailGet Bolt Email Marketing For Mobile Home Park Building, so that you can sell/lease your land at a profitable margin.

With MailGet Bolt you can stay in touch with the prospects with the unique and advanced features until they are ready to be your clients.

Display Your Pricing & Feature In Intuitive Email Template

The Email Builder feature of the software let you craft the informative home service templates within a short time.

The drag & drop tools make this task smooth, you just have to select the drag & drop the required field in your email content. You can make your template more informative by adding multiple alignments of image & texts.

Stay In Constant Touch With The Travel Trailers With The Email Automation

The email automation will let you send the automated emails to your prospects in your absence. It has 3 elements:-

Drip Campaign – It allow to send the series of emails at the different time interval which is scheduled by you. It’s an automated process which delivers emails at right time.

Auto FollowUp –  This feature sends the email again to those who missed viewing the updates. This work is performed automatically after a specific time. It works to increase the opening rates so that your business can be transformed into the brand.

Autoresponder – Whenever any new visitors register themselves on your website, the autoresponder sends the automated acknowledgment emails to them.

Manage The Contacts Of All Mobile Owners Effectively

Leads are the important things for the email marketing and MailGet Bolt consent you to manage all the contacts with an ease.

You can import the bulk contacts and also can edit or delete any specific contacts. Suppose if the user marked an email as spam then this tool exclude that contacts from others and never sends the email again in the future.

Track Your Marketing Strategies Of Mobile Home Park Building

This email marketing platform provides the feature for evaluating your efforts so that it can be refine for 100% success.

It represents the data in the organized form and displays the how many of the emails has been sent, opened, clicked, bounced, etc on the dashboard.

Complementary Features Of MailGet Bolt

  • Affordable price
  • Equipped with SMTP server
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Responsive design
  • Basic text editors
  • Personalization tags
  • Easy controls
  • Send bulk emails
  • Auto FollowUp
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Dual campaign

      > Drip Campaign

      > Regular Campaign

Email Marketing Service For Mobile Home Parks Sales

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