MailGet Bolt – Neon Signs Email Marketing Service For Light Display Billboards

Digital Billboard Companies, Neon Sign Advertisers, Outdoor Advertisement Firms Can Use This Email Marketing Software

Neon Signs Email Marketing Service For Light Display Billboards

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The glowing & catchy sign boards are very popular nowadays. You can see them almost at every nook & corner of any city.

The neon signs boards are used by companies, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. to grab the attention on-goers.

So if you are a manufacturer of such attractive neon lights that vary in colour, designs & want to earn maximum profit by reaching more business owners, then you should reach them via their emails.

Here is an email marketing service – MailGet Bolt, which will allow to send bulk emails to the clients and can make them aware of your company’s neon signs board.

This top-class email marketing software is responsive in nature as the sent emails gets customised as per the size of device used by the user.

Construct Glamorous e-Templates For Neon Billboards To Fetch More Deals

You can create pleasing email templates to feature the neon signs for different businesses like jewellery shops, showrooms, etc. For that you just have to drag & drop the desired field contents and drop it on the template.

You can add the headings, best pictures of different neon design boards, text & links to drive the subscriber to the light display board website.

Organise The Neon Design Email Campaigns According To The Clients Need

Run two types of campaigns in regards to the neon signs via MailGet Bolt.

  • Regular campaign: With this, send all the neon signs promotional emails in one go without any hindrance.
  • Drip campaign: Send a pre-scheduled series of emails of glossy signboards just by setting the date, time and the mails will automatically reach to customers inbox.

Some Exclusive Email Marketing Features For Neon Sign Board Companies

  • Contact tab to create as many mailing lists as you want for the neon signs agency.
  • Dashboard to go through all the email tracking reports & previous emails.
  • Send automatic welcome emails to the new subscribers via autoresponder feature.
  • Analyse the status of email campaigns via email tracking.


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