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In this fast moving world where everything is going at a lightning speed, everyone wants to achieve everything quickly and so is the case with the teaching as well, that’s why online tutor came into existence.

The online tutors provide the classes and seminar online to the students & the knowledge seekers, the online tutors who want to advertise their services through the mail can exhibit themselves by an email sending software.

Email Marketing For Online Tutor

The email sending software called as the MailGet Bolt can be used to deliver emails to a large number of people, in order to make them effectively crafted, they can use internal features of the software which let them construct and customize the email template.

The emails can be sent to a number of people at the same time and multiple contacts can also be included in the mailing list. The features are unique enabling you to make the most exclusive email templates.

Features Of The MailGet Bolt :-

Make Interesting Mails Of Your Teachings :-

The email marketing software can help you make your online coaching a success and primary step is creating a mail that can be performed by drag and drop builder where the entities can be selected and dragged on the content section.

The email templates can be created with other ways as well and these are the basic text editor custom code editor options.

Add Students Contacts In The Software :-

The contact lists can be created by inducing various contacts in the lists in the form of the email ids of the students, the emails if gets repeated in the any of the contact lists then it will be automatically removed from it.

The spammed lists who has noted you as spammed, the suspended lists who has unsubscribed your emails and the bounced lists whose contacts are not valid can be seen in the contact section.

Deliver Autoresponder And Drips To Students :-

The email software has a function called as autoresponder use to send emails to the customers which get activated when you want to send an automated mail to the customers as they fill up the subscription form.

The drips function can be used to send emails at a specified date and time which can be selected by the user.

One more function called as the auto follow up function can be used when mail sent by you initially was not opened or read by the mail recipient.



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