Send Email With SMTP – PHP Script

Send Email With SMTP

This send email script is mainly designed to send emails through multiple SMTP connection. In this script we have configured multiple SMTP server like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook which will make your work easy.

To send mail via one of the multiple SMTP connection you just need to select “SMTP Server”  from drop-down menu in setting tab, then you can specify your SMTP login credentials to set up.

After doing these settings you can able to send mail to your subscriber list. The best part is you do not have to configure it each time you send mail.

Send Email Features:-

Simple SMTP Account Setup:-

Configuring SMTP server to send mail is very easy all you need to do is to select your mailing server and to provide your login credentials for set up. Its just a single time configuration.

Multiple SMTP Connection:- 

This script will help you to connect with Multiple SMTP servers i.e. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Its just a one time configuration and then you can send mails by selecting one of the servers from the drop down list.

Simple Message Box:-

A simple message box is provided where you can draft your mails with parameters From, Send To, Subject line and Body text.

List Building:-

Organize and manage your subscriber email addresses by creating list. You can also add and delete your contacts in a list.

Import Contact List:-

Through this import feature you can import your contact list in .CSV format.

Search Option:-

If you want to search a particular contact in your list then this search option will help you to perform that task.

File Upload:-

For sending mails through attachments we have provided an upload file option to attach files into your mail. You can add or remove the attachments as per your need.


NOTE: Script once purchased, then no refund would be done in anycase.
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