SEO Analysis Tool – PHP Script Using CodeIgniter

SEO Analysis Tool

SEO Analyzer is a website review and audit tool script for personal usage and for web agencies to add it on your own website.

It does the entire SEO agency work and displays the analyzed data of the website in a very clean design. The entire SEO analyzer script is coded on PHP framework CodeIgniter and is very easy to implement on your website.

This script can accept any domain and do on-page analysis based on different SEO parameters that are required for optimization and present a detailed report on it. So that visitors can easily analyze and tune their website performance by maintaining search engine compatibility.

Based on the detailed statistics report and suggestion tool SEO analysts can even monitor and analyze their competing websites.

So, this SEO checker has the potential to increase the number of visitors by improving your search engine ranking for anyone who does the proper

If you are a website owner, adding the SEO analyzer script to your website can be really profitable for you as this gives your audience the reason to come back again and again on your website.

Also, the SEO Script generates a PDF report of the analyzed website which users can get after entering their email address. So this feature acts as a smart lead capturing system built inside the SEO script in itself.

SEO Analysis Script Features

Domain Info: This section analysis domain information features mainly,

  • Domain Age – It displays the age of your website based on the date of website domains registration.
  • Website IP – This details displays the IP address of the domain to which this domain you are doing SEO.
  • Server City – This displays the server city where the hosting is done.
  • Server Country – This displays the country of the hosted domain.

Related Website Links and Page Rank Competition:  This section will help you to analyze:

  • Related website – This section brings the details of all the websites which are related to the website being analyzed. Related websites are found on the parameter of matching and similar page titles.
  • Links & Page Rank – This competition analyzes and gives you the data on number of backlinks and page rank of the related websites. Their page rank comparison tells, how powerful your competitor is.

Page Detail Analysis: The entire structure of the web page is analyzed to get this data out of the web page. Pages object are the most important part to improve the overall site performance that includes,

  • Title – This section displays page title. It also tells the number of characters in the title along with the relevancy of title based on page content. Also it analyzes competitors to let you know whether your chosen page title is unique or not.
  • Meta description – Page description along with the suggestion on the number of characters to be used is displayed in this section.
  • Meta keywords – All the keywords embedded in the webpage are shown here.
  • Content length – The entire content length along with total unique words in the content is shown here.
  • Heading tags – Total number of heading tags along with segmented heading tags data is displayed in the heading tag section.
  • Keywords Consistency – Keyword consistency parameter based on your content is analyzed and displayed in the tabular form for better SEO.
  • Images – Number of images in the webpage along with their alt tag information is displayed here.
  • Text/HTML Ratio – Total Text to HTML ratio is mentioned in this section. This is good to determine for better on-page SEO.

URL Optimization Information: It will provide you the URL optimization information that includes,

  • URL Rewrite – This displays the URL rewriting data of the web script.
  • Underscores in the URLs – Displays whether your link has any underscores in the URL which is often considered bad practice in URL’s.
  • Domain Length – Total domain length is displayed here.
  • URL Redirect – Any URL redirection information rules detail can be found here.

Page Loading Time: Know your page loading time and optimize your page speed. It includes,

  • DNS Lookup Time
  • Connecting Time
  • Waiting Time
  • File loading Time

Backlinks Checker: Know your page backlinks both internal and external counts.

Technologies: It will hep you to know about the technologies that are implemented on your page like your CMS, tracking code.

Social Network: It will give the share count of your website.

Generate Leads With SEO Analysis PDF Report: SEO Analyzer Script is powerful enough to generate PDF reports for any analyzed website with just one click. Anyone who wants to download the PDF report of analysis has to enter his own email address details before they can access the PDF report. This system acts as a lead capturing system that is built right inside the SEO analyzer script itself.

Other Features:

  • Website language detection
  • Speed Tips
  • W3C Validity Check
  • DocType
  • Encoding
  • Deprecated HTML Tags Report
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Favicon Report

There are tons of amazing details that this SEO analysis tool brings for any web page. This level of details can be really helpful for the SEO analysts for getting good search engine positioning. At the same time, this Analyzer script is very light and can perform all the operations without requiring too much server resources.

The SEO analysis script is built in PHP CodeIgniter and can be deployed easily on your server or website.

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NOTE: Script once purchased, then no refund would be done in anycase.
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