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As technology is growing faster day by day, new types of equipment are coming in the market but still many industries and local woodworkers are using same old traditional tools. Those tools consume much muscle power & time too.

Now it’s time to make them aware of the benefits of new edge technical machinery. Here also lies a chance of creating the golden opportunity for raising the sale of woodwork machinery tools

Adopt MailGet Bolt, an email marketing software for your selling firm. It is cost effective, packed with handy tools,  and easy to use.

Take on MailGet Bolt email marketing as your promotional channel as it provides personal interaction with clients and industries in their inbox.

Some Interactive Features Which Makes Email Marketing Software Worth For Advertising Your WoodWorking Machinery

Bulk Emailing  

This software is an effective way to target huge audience and send emails in bulk to thousands of your clients in few clicks.

With this, you can represent your wood processing machines in front of many people around the globe.


This feature enables you to set a pre-designed email for those who click on your previously send emails. By using autoresponder you can send a welcome note or user manual/menu.

Compose Attractive & Wood Processing Machine Featuring Email Templates

  • Want to create appealing and eye catching templates. Use drag & drop email builder to insert pictures and text glimpsing the various cutting, facing, milling & drilling machines in the email template.
  • Code your own template layout in custom code editor by using HTML & CSS code. One can simply copy the codes from another source and can execute here.
  • Write fully text oriented & snap free email in basic text editor. These types of emails can be used to send quotations, machine details if any inquiry has been done regarding any particular machine.   

Shape Machine Promoting Campaigns

  • Go for drip campaign if you want to send the promotional email at any other time except now. Simply compose the email, target the audience and choose the appropriate time at which maximum users will be available and then leave the rest on MailGet Bolt. It will deliver all your machine promotional emails on correct time.

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