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About FormGet

We started FormGet to make communication easy and powerful between you and your customers. FormGet has been organised to manage all your forms from a single place. You can build contact forms, payments forms, lead capture forms or just about any form you can imagine.

Earlier the problem with most of the forms was that they only allowed the users to submit their queries and there were no chances of further communication from the other side. Admin were not able to manage all its forms from a single place. And whenever they want to reply to the queries they need to switch back and forth between email accounts for replying back.

FormGet eliminates all those issues by making it simpler for the admin to go to just one place and do whatever he wants. If he needs to fetch all the records he can do it easily. If he needs to reply to message, he can do that simply from within FormGet. If he needs to track the stats of his forms, it’s possible as well.

From start to the present there has been so much improvement in the FormGet, regarding working interface, design, and still it is getting better and better day by day.

So far more nearly 30000+ users have created a form using FormGet and more than 1000+ websites have integrated FormGet’s forms for getting messages.


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