With the busy life routine, it may be very difficult for your subscribers to regularly answer and open your email newsletters/templates.

But, to improve your services and to achieve that harmonious and peaceful client-manager relationship you must need to constantly interact with your clientele.

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You must be thinking what’s the effective way to combat the issue of achieving higher open rates?

To your rescue, MailGet has got a new feature – Auto Follow Up.

The effortless Auto Follow Up feature enables you to automate your emails so that you can send follow-up emails effectively. This feature is useful when you are trying to reach out to the customers who had failed to view your email at the first time.

Now with the help of Auto follow-ups,

                                        you can achieve much higher open rates,

                                                which may transform into clicks

                                                         and ultimately into a profitable sale.

Master the art of automating your follow up emails using MailGet email marketing tool.

What Do We Know About Auto Follow Ups?

The process of sending automatic emails to your clientele if he hadn’t opened your email in the first campaign is said to be Auto follow up emailing

It is the latest attribute of MailGet where automated process will continue until you achieve your desired open rate and you will get an improved open rate.

Here, you can easily schedule your automated follow-up emails by simply adding date and time over it and all the clients in the unopened email list will again receive a follow up email who had skipped it in the first place.

Why Do We Need Auto Follow Up Email Feature?

Email auto follow-ups show its efficacy when it is paired with proper timing.

That’s right, whenever you send your first email of your highly strategized e-campaign, it is a possibility that the recipient might just simply ignore your email. So, it is must for you to create a contingency plan i.e. auto follow up emails.

Let me tell you why it is considered as a boon for all the businesses –

To Stay In Touch – Using auto follow-up functionality, you can engage your subscribers and nurture them about your services which may result in the better conversion.

To Increase Open Rates – Regular follow up email transmission with 99% inbox delivery assures higher open rates.

To convert inactive users into active – Resending an email to your client again and again may convert the inactive user to active & the user becomes your regular client.

Auto Follow Up Image


How To Use Auto Follow Up Emails Effectively?

There are numerous ways in which you can use auto follow up emails. It just depends on your requirements like –

1. Send An Automated Follow Up Email After A Certain Time Interval

By setting the rules for your auto follow up email campaigns, you can always modify the triggering date of your emails. It enables constant streams of emails, seeking customer’s attention towards your products or services.

2. Craft Different Auto-Emails For Different Contacts

It would be considered a foolish act if you send the same generic email template to your contacts who happen to have different requirements. So with the help of subscriber segmentation and drag & drop email builder, you can easily send various auto follow up email campaigns.

3. Send Emails To Single As Well As Mass Audience –

While selecting the audience for your auto follow up email campaigns, you get to choose your various recipients by adding it from the email lists. Or, you can manually type in user’s details when you need to send it to just a couple of persons.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Auto Follow Up Emails

The primary benefit of using this latest feature is staying in touch with your clientele and to make your email communication process lively. But, you can also –

1. Track Recipient’s Behavior & Devise Future Campaigns

With the help of email tracking enabled in MailGet, you can monitor the effectiveness of your auto-emails and design your future campaigns.

2. Strike Your Customers At The Right Time 

In order to improve the effectiveness of your emails, you have to strategically send them at the right time. Hence, by scheduling your auto follow up’s triggering date & time, you can achieve the desired results.

3. Less Laborious Work

As the follow-up process is fully automated, you can dedicate your time in other business promotion tasks, without having to worry about anything.

4. Target & Cater Your Diverse Audience

By using the automated follow-up process for catching up with users who have different needs can be beneficial in getting higher conversion rates.

With the proper use of this automated feature along with all the MailGet’s functionalities, you are destined to achieve your occupational goals and will be able to maintain the desired brand reputation in the marketing world.

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