You may be the most popular band in town but without a big hit, way to fame is impossible. Now, your songs may have become the talk of the town but without creating a buzz on the web, your reach would be limited.

So, a website seems like a stand-alone platform where you can start your journey of success but creating a website isn’t that easy. Hiring a developer will ask a lot of your hard-earned dollars so, you can go for music band WordPress themes to create a website that will become your window to the world.

Band WordPress Themes

As we all know that as a musician, you need a website to create an online presence of your music-related profession. And these websites will be so good that they can meet the needs of your fans. Through this website, you could showcase your music, live bands as well as connect with people and gain popularity throughout the world.

These themes will give you a pre-designed layout, so you’ll have to drag and drop few images and some texts, upload or embed your videos. That’s it!

You’re good to go with your own website. In fact, some of these music band WordPress themes have got powerful audio players integrated from you can introduce your site-visitor to your taste in music.

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1. MusicRock – Music Band WordPress Theme

If you are a musician or you have your own band group then this theme is made for you. This template will give a new direction to your corresponding profession. Also, by using musicrock band WordPress theme on the website you can get your band on the internet so people can have their hearts for you.

It would not be wrong to say that with the help of this theme you can create a good website, and can reach your music to your fans. Its features make this theme even better.

So let’s know in deep, what the features of this theme can help you to build an informative website for your band.

MusicRock Band WordPress Theme

Cost –

Install this band WordPress theme at $79 and get its lifetime benefits with the 24*7 support forum.

Know more about the features –

  • First of all, you will get a full-width slider in the front, with 5 slides, you can load images of your band or DJ’s. And on these images, you can write something about them
  • After this, The theme has 4 column featured area where you can tell your band’s services. Also, you can use animation effects to create a good looking site.
  • This theme allows you to create your own blog page in which you can reach the people through any type of informative articles.
  • You can put the photos or images of your band’s events through the hexagon portfolio section on your website. Also, you can glimpse some images on the home page with special hover effects which will make your website the most attractive.
  • Through this theme, you can customize the widgetized footer area for your website. In this area, you can also publish relevant videos, along with your contact details.

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2. RockStyle – Rock Band WordPress Theme

Today, people love music. And if we talk about the bands or DJ’s, then it has become a means of reducing stress. Keeping this in mind, you should create an online platform or a website for such a hanging people.

This rockstyle band WordPress theme helps you to create a nice and simple website, without knowing much about backend code. There are so many features in it that will make your website even better, like – responsive behaviour, SEO supportive, beautiful layout patterns, and many more.

Especially who all are related to music world like- rock bands, orchestras, singers, music clubs, can use this theme to enhance their online presence.

RockStyle Band WordPress Theme

Cost –

The RockStyle WordPress theme costs you only $79 with a lifetime usability and access to free updates.

Know more about the features –

  • At the top front of your website, you can add your company’s logo and also give an options panel for your customers. They all are customizable.
  • After that, you can insert a full-fledged business-related parallax image in front and write something related to it. Along with this, there will be a click to action button, that will redirect your viewers to the other page.
  • Under this parallax image, you can find a horizontal slider where you can set some relevant images. Also, you can attach some links to these images so that the user can navigate.
  • The theme has About US section by which you can tell people about you and your band.
  • If you want people to know about your instruments, then you can do this. Along with this, the theme has a slider in the bottom of a the homepage that holds the details of your musical instruments.

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3. MusicHub – Music Portal WordPress Theme

As the name sounds ‘MusicHub’ here we are just talking related to music. If you are a musician and want your music to be heard all over the world, then you need to bring yourself on the Internet. You should create a good looking website by which you can showcase your music stuff.

MusicHub band WordPress theme gives you a platform where your music-related needs will be fulfilled. You can create your own video channel with the help of this theme. Along with this, you can give all the information related to your band in one place.

There are countless features in this band WordPress theme, let’s know about some of them.

MusicHub Band WordPress Themes

Cost –

The MusicHub band WordPress themes will cost you $79 for a developer license.

Know more about the features –

  • In this theme, you will first get the video segment on the homepage where you can upload music related videos. In the place near this video section, you can also create their categories such as recent, populated and recommended ones.
  • After this, you can showcase different types of music on the homepage.
  • This theme has a sidebar banner with which you can show your ads and provide contact details.
  • Through this theme, you will find a sign-in form template by which your users can create an account on your website and connect with you. To create this account, they have to set their username and password.
  • You can play this template in any screen size due too its responsive behaviour.

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4. TuneTrack – Music Release WordPress Theme

Music lovers keep every line of songs themselves, for them, the feelings behind the songs are more important than the words. So, it is necessary to keep in mind that everything is available on your site, which they want.

You should try that you could offer varieties of tracks through your website so that people love your site and they get what they want in music. This band WordPress theme is the best one for changing all these things in real from your website.

Who can utilize this theme?

The theme is mainly embedded to solve website need of music composers, singers, DJs, rock bands, orchestra owners, sound engineers, performers, musical training institutes, school and various music production houses can use this theme.

Let’s now know the features well.

TuneTrack Band WordPress Theme

Cost –

The TuneTrack band WordPress theme has an affordable price of $79 with the ready-made functionality.

Know more about the features –

  • The theme has a full-width slider of 5 images. Along with this, you can put a notable text on every image with a click to action button to explore more.
  • Here you can show services through awesome icons in 3 column featured area. Also, you can apply the hover effect to each column.
  • The theme has a separate page to provide live strings for your visitors. So, that people can enjoy live music online.
  • You can showcase reviews of those people who have taken a good experience from your site. This will work as a testimonial for your site.
  • The theme has a 4 column footer area where you can showcase your services, related videos, and the latest information through links. With the help of these links, the user can navigate to any page.

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5. One Page – WordPress Theme

How would you feel if we say that you can create a good website, with so many features, that too free?

Yes! It is true. One page theme is a single page theme where all the services and features you can find in one place. By using this theme you can design a good website for any purpose. It has more than 4000 installations which proves that people are liking it so much that.

Along with the theme, there is also a lot of features like – it is suitable for all browsers, easy installation, custom footer, options panel and the rest is described below.

OnePage WordPress Theme

Cost –

As I said in the 1st line, this One Page WordPress theme is completely free

Know more about the features –

  • There is a special feature in this theme, that you can create the number of subpages on any page. And, you can showcase these pages in the drop-down format.
  • The theme has a widgetized sidebar which holds search box, categories and archives.
  • This template has about us page in which you can tell about your company to your viewers.

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6. Wedding Band – WordPress Theme

If you want to create a good wedding website then this theme is the best for you. This exceptional and multipurpose theme is customizable, well-organized and equipped with extraordinary features that you can use for building a website for your wedding.

The theme is translation ready which allows you to select any languages. The theme is rigorously tested and optimized for speed and faster page load time. Further, it also has a secure and clean code.

Now let’s talk more about the features.

WeddingBand WordPress Theme

Cost –

You can download Wedding Band WordPress theme from @ free only.

Know more about the features –

  • This theme has about us page where you can tell about your company.
  • The theme has a one-page layout where you can put your copyright link at the bottom.
  • You can publish your article on the website specifically in the blog section, the theme gives you an option for that.

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Closure –

If you are a music lover or belong to music industry then I’m sure this 5+ collection of band WordPress themes will work great. With the help of these themes, you can show all your music-related stuff on the sole online platform

Say you can create a good website that will help you to take your business to new heights.

We hope you have liked this article and you will definitely choose your favourite one from these themes collection.

And even if something is not feeling right or questions are raised, tell us in the comment section below. We will definitely help you out.

Thanks for reading!