Are you an artist and looking for an effective medium to show your skills/talent so that you can increase your clientele and earn a decent profit?

Usually, people love your work but they are hesitant at first in order to avail your services. But with the help of MailGet Bolt’s email templates, you are destined to convert them into loyal customers.

Apart from healthy conversions, the templates are known to provide certain benefits such as,

  • They serve multiple purposes like they can be used for promotional, financial and enquiry campaigns.
  • The templates will reduce your workload as you can initiate the email transmission process through an automated mechanism.
  • It will surely increase your reach as the e-templates are blessed with the whopping 99% delivery rate.

In order to calm your anxious mind, we recommend you to choose the best artist email template from the below-compiled list.

Amplify the reach of your artistic business through 9+ Best Artists Email Marketing Services For Tattoo Shops, Painters, Musicians & Dance Artists.

1. Top Email Template For Screenplay & Teleplay Artists

This email template is perfect for broadcasting your screenplay and teleplay skills. The e-template is crafted with the powerful tool – drag and drop email builder. This tool makes template designing process easy as it facilitates dragging and dropping of various required fields in the layout, hence saving your time and adding a charm effect to your email template.

Screenplay Artists Email Template

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2. Best Email Template For Calligraphy Artists

Promote your classy handwriting skills with the help of email template for calligraphy and handwriting artists. The template enables you to keep track of your sent emails with the help of email tracking functionality. Now you can easily monitor the open, clicked and unsubscribed rates from the dashboard itself.

Calligraphy Artists Email Template

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3. Responsive Email Template For Tattoo Artists & Studios

Let the people get informed about your services by sending these crafty email templates. The email sending process can be done with the help of an automated process called, drip emailing. In this mechanism, you only have to set the transmission date and time over the series of email campaigns. This function ensures effective targeting of clients because of emails landing in the inbox at the peak time of getting noticed.

Tattoo Artists Email Template

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4. New Email Template For Animation Artists & 3D Animators

Prepare to entice your potential clients by sending promotional and weekly email templates newsletter. The e-template is highly effective in publicizing your services and skills as it is packed with email follow-up feature. With this feature, you can automatically get back to those subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in the first attempt.

Animation Artists Email Template

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5. Latest Email Template For Sculpture Artists

Through the mass dispatching of this email template, designed for sculpture artists, you can achieve the desired exposure for your sculpting business and skills. The template allows you to quickly create a sense of personal relationship with your clientele by addressing every recipient with their name through the use of personalized tags.

Sculpture Artists Email Template

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6. Perfect Email Template For Painters & Sketchers

Advertise your paintings and other artistic creations by sending visually descriptive email templates to your future and existing clients. You can also preview the template as of how it would appear after landing in the inbox of your targeted clients with the help of email preview functionality. This ensures your e-template to be error free, hence improving your credibility.

Painters Email Template

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7. Brand New Email Template For Sand Artists & Sculptors

In order to get on the road to success and stardom, you have to adopt the use of this email template. The email marketing service associated with it allows you to schedule the sending date/time of this email template with the help of email scheduling feature. This feature allows you to target your clients at the right time and also helps in reducing the workload of manual email sending process.

Sand Artists Email Template

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8. Ideal Email Template For Actors & Actor’s Agencies

The e-template allows you to broadcast your acting services by informing various directors and filmmakers with the help of email templates for actors. The separate e-templates can be sent to various distinct employers, as it allows you to create a separate list of clients with the help of subscriber segmentation feature.

Actors Email Template

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9. Free Email Template For Musicians & Singers

Boost up your musical career by adopting the practice of promoting your musical skills with the mass transmission of email templates. The e-templates allows you to maintain a healthy list of emailing addresses with the means of list management feature. Now, you don’t have to worry about taking care of faulty and unsubscribed email addresses as this feature will automatically eliminate those emails from the sending list.


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10. Customizable Email Template For Choreographers & Dancers

All the choreographers and dancers can now advertise their dancing skills through the means of mass email templates transmission. The template provides you an option of embedding a subscription form in the layout for the purposes of signing up for your services. Since this e-template has high shareability options like various social media icons, you are destined to create a wide fan base through it.

Choreographers Email Template

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All the above-listed email templates have been tested and have proved to boom up various artists businesses.

Use MailGet Bolt if you are a highly creative and want to design your own email templates.

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