Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces. These are best for connecting to the large weather forecasts and historical data repositories

Why use Weather APIs?

Mostly the mobile phones or desktop showcase a seperate widget for displaying weather forecast. Similarly, if you want to add this section to your website, you can use forecast API & smoothen the task. Furthermore, once you integrate the weather API, the climatic data can then be posted on your website. Thus, you can effortlessly display the weather forecast on an hourly or daily basis.

Hence, in this weblog, you will find the list of best Weather APIs. So without any further ado, let’s get started and have a look at the APIs.

1. AccuWeather –

AccuWeather provides premium weather forecasting services around the globe. This weather API gives subscribers access to weather data based on location via a simple RESTful web interface.

Additionally, data can be found in more than 40 languages and dialects. Further, the responses to the data are returned in JSON and JSONP. SSL encryption is also available for secure communication purposes.


Highlights of AccuWeather Weather API-

  • Showcase Current Conditions
  • 24-Hour Historical Current Conditions
  • Forecast 10-day
  • Forecast 72-hour
  • Indices 10-day
  • Alarms 10-day
  • Translations in diverse languages
  • Tropical
  • Alerts
  • Imagery
  • Location


The limited trial provides 50 calls per day. Calls for this best weather API can then be purchased with one of three plans, each giving access to long-range & more reliable forecasts.

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2. Darksky

Next up on our list is Dark Sky, whose patented, consumer-oriented weather app has made a name for itself. Besides, the API offers worldwide current and historical weather data, as well as forecasts and warnings. This data is based on diverse weather conditions like atmospheric pressure, cloud cover, dew point, humidity, moon phase & more. It is generally highly regarded for its accuracy. Also, it is mostly selected by developers for its hyperlocal geographical precision.5

Highlights of Darksky Weather API-

  • Observations dating back decades, hour by hour and day by day
  • Severe weather warnings in the US, Canada, the member countries of the European Union and Israel
  • Easy to use
  • Developer-friendly
  • Simple and succinct documentation
  • Weather conditions Predictions and current conditions
  • Local coverage
  • Historical data
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Advanced data cutting-edge modeling methods
  • Minute-by-minute hyperlocal forecasts
  • Backed by a wide variety of data sources


This API for weather predictions is free of charge for up to 1,000 calls per day. Following this, you will have to pay $0.0001 per call on exceeding the call limits.

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3. Weatherbit API

The Weatherbit API provides basic links to the Weather API. Moreso, from only latitude and longitude coordinates, you can get the weather forecast data back in JSON format.

While not completely free, the Weatherbit API provides a basic plan that allows developers to send 150 requests per day.Weatherbit API

Highlights of Weatherbit Weather API-

  • Current Weather Data of a location.
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • 5-day Forecast
  • 120 Hour Forecast
  • 16 Day Forecast


Premium pricing commences at $35 a month. Free version limited to 500 API calls/day (not for use with commercial projects).

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4. OpenWeather

OpenWeatherMap provides APIs for weather data for different timeline data types. In a solution inspired by crowdsourcing initiatives such as Wikipedia, weather data from worldwide weather services and more than 40,000 weather stations is collected. Nevertheless, this freemium solution also includes secure access to the 5-day/3-hour API, weather warnings and a weather map.

One thing to bear in mind is that besides limited data access, your OpenWeatherMap free account. It also limits your request to a maximum of 60 API calls per minute.5

Highlights of OpenWeather Weather API-

  • 4 days/hourly forecast reports
  • 5 days/3 hour forecast reports
  • 16 days/daily forecast reports
  • Climate forecast for 30 days
  • Weather maps consist of Current, Forecast, Historical layers
  • Provides Relief maps
  • Bulk downloading option
  • UV index available
  • Weather alerts


Free up-to-date weather and forecast data for up to 60 calls a minute. Further, developers have the option of purchasing additional calls from one of the four plans. This also allows access to wider weather predictions and advanced weather maps.

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The most comprehensive collection of weather historical observations. Above all this forecast API supports multiple data sources, including station info, satellite, radar & more. Apart from this, you get observed hyperlocal weather or weather forecasts for every point of the globe. Climate API response times an average of 200 ms or less.Weatherbit

Highlights of Weather API-

  • Unparalleled Forecast Accuracy
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Daily forecasts
  • Current weather data
  • Hourly forecasts
  • Historical data
  • Air Quality / Energy / Agweather API access


This best weather API offers a free plan that includes daily forecasts and weather data. Moreover, this Weather API Requests price starts from $35/month for daily forecasts. Further, this goes up to 470/month which includes current weather data, hourly forecasts and much more.

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Final Thoughts On Weather APIs-

Finally, the list comes to an end. Above, we have mentioned all the Top Weather APIs. These APIs proffer distinct functionalities based on daily forecasts, reports, historical data & much more. So, you can select the one that fits in your box of requirements.

Further, for any more queries, you can get back to us. Share your views in the comments section below.