Nowadays, finding the best blogger WordPress themes is a tough task. The reason is bloggers never use a single WordPress theme for a long time if they don’t get a good visitor count.

They always search for ‘The One Theme‘ which can get their site a new look with lots of tweaks. Apart from it, readers expect only two things from the blogs:

The content of the site & its theme whether it is attractive or not.

If they don’t find it convincing in both ways, they will just leave that particular site which results in an increase in bounce rate.

In order to prevent it, here we’re with some of the best free & paid WordPress blogger themes which you being a blogger should really count on.

If a person wants to make money through blogging, then it can also be done if you choose any theme listed in this article. They can earn money by advertising other’s products on his/her own site.

Apart from it, they all are affordable & also have promising features. All you’ve to do is to try them out & groom your site!

We’ve some more blogs consisting of other WordPress themes & we believe that you should give them a try too:

Now let’s dive in with a fresh mind!

1. BlogsTrend Blogger WordPress Theme | Upgrade Your Blogging Style

BlogsTrend by InkThemes is a multipurpose WordPress blogger theme. It is basically created to enhance the reading experience of people when they read your blog. This WordPress theme comes with 5 templates of different niche:

  • Food.
  • Travel.
  • Fashion.
  • Technology.
  • Personal Development.

By using these blogger WordPress themes, you can easily craft a beautiful WordPress blogging site. This theme is also embedded in a form which consists of fields such as name, email, number & message. By submitting these details, your readers can get in touch with you easily.

BlogsTrend Blogger WordPress Theme

How Much Does This WordPress Blogger Theme Costs?

  • Well, to access this theme you’ve to pay $59 which is only a one-time payment. When you buy it, you’ll have its lifetime access & support as well.
  • If your hunger for themes is more then you must try its 49 WordPress themes for the lifetime. All you’ve to do is to pay $147 for the first month & then $15 per month for the second month. Apart from it, you’ll get new product every single month during your subscription.
  • They also have another membership plan which charges $247 for the 1st month & then $15 from the next month on monthly basis. You’ll have the access to 49 WordPress themes as well as 10 WordPress plugins. Apart from it, you can use them on the unlimited number of domains.

What Features Will You Get With BlogsTrend?

  • You’ll be able to post the advertisements of any individual or business on the top of the header section. This is how you can also make the money from this.
  • On its right widgetized sidebar, one can add widgets such as your recent posts, Facebook page, gallery images & 9 social sharing icons.
  • Apart from them, you can list all of your blogs on the homepage. So the visitors to your site won’t get lost while finding for a particular blog post.

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2. BlogSpring Blogger Theme for WordPress | Create Professional News Blogs & Magazines

BlogSpring is another best blogger WordPress theme through which, you’ll be able to build an online magazine site or an attractive blog. All of it can be done in a couple of minutes. One can feature the recent news on the banner image of the homepage. So, its readers will have the most updated news around the globe.

If you want to share the information on any topics like society, politics, events, etc, all of it can be done via this WordPress blogger theme. It can become a perfect Google of news & updates.

BlogSpring Blogger WordPress Theme

How Much BlogSpring WordPress Theme Costs?

  • You can pay $70 for a one-time payment. After that, you’ll have the access to it for the lifetime.
  • They also have another price plan of $147 which has to be paid for only one month. After it, you’ve to pay $15 on monthly basis & you can use their 49 themes which sounds good.
  • Suppose with 49 WordPress themes, what if you also get 10 WordPress plugins? Yes, it cost only $247 for the only first month then $15 on the monthly basis from the next month. Furthermore, you’ll also get one bonus product of your choice. This really sounds like a good deal!

What Are The Benefits Of Using This WordPress Theme?

  • With this theme, you’ll get the access to its two featured templates: nature & technology. These are the predesigned templates yet easily customizable.
  • Your readers can comment on the posts & updates via Google & Facebook. This is how you can make your posts socially active too.
  • Along with copyright text, one can also add categories of the posts & updates in the footer area. Same can also be done in the header section. These features really make it a WordPress site versatile.

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3. AssistScript Blogger WordPress Theme | A Perfect Theme for Poets & Writers

AssistScript is also a WordPress theme for writers, poets, bloggers, advertising agencies, etc. One important feature which makes it unique is the gallery format of the blog posts. It makes the page quite attractive when we talk about the user’s perspective.

One can also add the videos on the right side of the page. In that video, you can tell anything about your site.

AssistScript Blogs Trend Blogger WordPress Themes

Is AssistScript Blogger WordPress Theme Costly?

  • We don’t really think so. It has a single price plan of $79 which is for a lifetime with customizations according to your needs.

What Features Will You Use for This WordPress Theme?

  • You can add the social icons on the header as well as footer section. The readers can easily visit your social media pages through them.
  • If the people want to subscribe to your blog for latest updates, they can do it by entering the email id inside the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ field.
  • They can also reach out to your address by going through the geographical map which you can add on the ‘Contact Us’ menu.

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4. SmartVision | A WordPress Blogger Theme for Journalists, Authors & Bloggers

SmartVision by InkThemes is a perfect blogger WordPress theme for those writers who can write in any genre. The genres can be childish, fictional, non-fictional, thriller & many more. It has a very simple yet pleasant animated banner which can consist of both images as well as its description.

Apart from it, people can customize its layout according to any genre they want to. That’s why this WordPress theme is also popular.

Smart Vision Blogger WordPress Theme

Is This WordPress Theme Really Worth Buying?

  • Yes! It only asks for a one-time payment of $79. Then its users well get its lifetime accessibility.

Any Important Features Does This WordPress Theme Has?

  • You can categorize your posts in order to make it way too easy for your readers to explore your blog.
  • It has a high-quality retina display feature which means that the pixels of its images as well as pages are way too good.
  • With thumbnail widget, you can feature your recent posts on the homepage of your blog.

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5. Gommero | A Multipurpose WordPress Theme By InkThemes

Gommero by InkThemes is a multipurpose WordPress theme which you can craft to any kind of website. That’s why you can easily build a WordPress blogging site through it. It provides a very simple interface which even a non-techie person can use like a techie one.

Gommero Blogger WordPress Theme

Not Interested in Paid Blogger WordPress Theme?

  • If it is true then this is a right theme for you. Gommero is free of cost.

Being Free Means Limited Features?

  • That’s not true. You’ll get almost same features like that of the paid theme. This WordPress theme is fully optimized for SEO (For better ranking on the web).
  • It is a fast loading WordPress theme in which the homepage loads in just 3 seconds. That’s a hell of a try.
  • Unlike other, you can add the logo to the center of the header section which makes it different.

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6. Golden Eagle Lite | Another Free Blogger WordPress Theme

Golden Eagle Lite is a free multipurpose WordPress theme. As it can fit any category, this can surely be considered as a blogger WordPress theme. It is a simple theme with too many customization options.

One can add any kind of links on the page regarding any news or post present internally on the site.

Golden Eagle Lite Blogger WordPress Theme

Don’t Get Confused If You’re A Beginner

  • It is a free WordPress theme. So the beginners as well as experts can use it to make a grip on handling a WordPress blogging site.

What Features Will You Get With This WordPress Blogger Theme?

  • One can easily customize the header & the background of the page without any difficulties. It just takes a couple of minutes.
  • This theme can be customized for any kind of business.
  • You can also add threaded comments such that the visitors can easily comment/reply to any updates of yours.

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So above are some of the best free & paid blogger WordPress themes which you must try once in your life. All of them have mostly unique features.

Some of them provide only single theme while others can get you a bunch of themes with plugins additionally with an affordable price.

We believe that you’ll surely get a good visitor count. If you want to make money through advertisements on your blogs then you must try these WordPress blogger themes as they have its facilities.

So start blogging with these amazing themes & take your WordPress site to a next level!

For any queries & suggestions, just comment below & we’ll reach out to you soon!