Being in the email marketing business, you must be aware of the benefits of a clean and perfect contact list.  From a clean list, you only send emails to valid email addresses through which you get maximum deliverability, low bounce rates, lesser spam complaints, etc.

In today’s times, everyone wants the best for their business to increase sales and popularity. So, in this blog, we are going to cover the top email list cleaning services.


All these free or cheap email scrubbing services will check and process your email lists and give you a valid contact list.

ServicesPricingDuplicate RemoverGreylisting VerificationAccuracy Rate
Pabbly Email Verification$598%
InkThemes Email Verification$498%
Mailbox Validator$19.9596%

If you haven’t opted for any of these services then come and explore the list with us.

1. Pabbly Email Verification – Email Verification Service

“Pabbly Email Verification is the only service that provides the most accurate results by taking the scrubbing at a slow pace.”

The topmost email scrubbing service of this list is Pabbly Email Verification. It removes hard bounce, verifies email addresses, removes inactive or fake emails from your list, and gives you a clean list. With this software, you get 98% of deliverability and 10%  of the reduced bounce rate.

Also, you can integrate Pabbly Email Verification to your website or software through its API key.



  • Minimize Bouncing – By sending emails to only verified email addresses, the bounce rate decreases.
  • Domain Confirmation – The email addresses with invalid, inactive, fake domains are scrubbed away.
  • Complaints Removed – Email addresses those report your sent emails as spam are analyzed and removed from the list.
  • Email Deduplication – Duplicate email addresses are eliminated immediately.
  • Spam Trap Removal – This tool attracts malicious senders and then block them automatically.
  • Anti Greylisting – With this feature, all the emails will land in the inbox as it pauses the process of defense against spam in users’ inboxes.
  • Syntax Eliminator – It removes email addresses that contain invalid characters instantly from your list.


  • The basic plan charges $5 for verification of 1000 emails.
  • Another plan offers you to verify 5000 emails at the cost of $15.
  • The highest plan is for $2999 which offers 10M emails to verify.

There are many different plans in between these packages which you can choose according to your demands.

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2. InkThemes Email Verification – Email Verifier Software

InkThemes Email Verification is one of the best list cleaning services. You get a clean and proper contact list by using its several features such as MX record validation, greylisting checker, suppression verification, etc.This software is a super affordable email list verification service with high accuracy.

inkthemes email-list-verification


  • MX Record Validation – This tool checks all the email addresses on your list whether they are genuine or not.
  • MX Server Connection Validation – It analyzes all the mail server connections for the verification of email addresses.
  • Suppression Verification – Verifies all the bad, invalid, or unsubscribed email addresses and add them to a suppression list so you have only valid contacts.
  • Disposable Email Verification – All the temporary emails are detected and removed automatically.


  • Starter – The starter plan offers you 1000 emails to verify at the cost of $4. It is a one-time fee.
  • Rookie – At $12 you can verify 5000 emails with accuracy. This also is a one-time fee.
  • Pro – The Pro plan charges $20 and you can verify up to 10,000 emails.
  • Advance – This plan offers you to verify 15,000 emails at the cost of $35. This plan also charges a one-time fee.

There are several other pricing plans available for different needs.

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3. Mailbox Validator – Bulk Email Verifier

Mailbox Validator is another list cleaning service that increases your deliverability rates. It removes invalid, inactive, and fake email addresses and provides you a clean contact list. Along with the several checking tools like email greylisting, server connection checker, MX record checker fresh list is prepared.



  • Bulk Validation – Validates bulk email addresses at once easily.
  • Role Email Checker – Verifies if an email address is a specific role email like admin, support, sales, etc.
  • Free Bulk Trial – Free trial plan to review bulk emails is available with 100 credits.
  • Free Email Provider Checker – This tool checks if an email address is from a free email provider like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.


  • The basic plan charges $19.95/m in which you can validate 1000 email addresses.
  • To verify 5000 emails you have to pay $39.95/m for another plan.
  • The next plan allows you to verify 10,000 emails at the cost of $59.95/m

There are several other plans available, you can choose according to your requirements.

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4. Clearout – Bulk Email Checker

Clearout is an amazing list cleaning software to verify single or bulk email addresses. It provides a junk-free contact list with the help of features such as syntax validation, duplicate removing, sub address removing, etc. You get 24X7 support from them and in the advanced plan API integration option is also available.



  • Blacklist Verification – This tool checks against known DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs to increase deliverability.
  • Syntax Validation – Checks and eliminates those email addresses which contain invalid characters.
  • Duplicate Removing – Removes all the duplicate email addresses automatically without any charges.
  • Mailbox Quota Verification – Checks the mailbox to ensure it accepts new emails.


Clearout’s pricing plans start from $20/m and ranges up to $2,800/m, in which you can verify from 5,000 emails to 5,000,000 emails.

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5. – Email Verifier is an email scrubbing tool that verifies bulk email addresses at a fast pace. The junk mail list goes through multiple checks such as bulk email verification, disposable email detection, etc and comes out as a perfect genuine list.

This service claims to reduce your bounce rate up to 10-15% and increase deliverability.


  • Domain Checker – This tool analyzes if any email address contains the invalid domain name and eliminates it automatically.
  • Single Email Verification – You can verify a single email address if you are in a hurry.
  • Disposable Email Detection – Checks if any email address is from a temporary email provider and filters it immediately.
  • Syntax Checker – Reviews and eliminates the email addresses with invalid characters.

Pricing offers plans ranging from $39/m to $199/m and you can verify from 1000 emails up to 50,000 emails.

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Conclusion –

To conclude, we discussed the best email scrubbing services available in the marketplace. Now, in order to get high deliverable rates, you can go with any of the above mentioned services.

These services not only increase deliverability but also reduces bounce rates and gives you a clean contact list by scrubbing away useless email addresses.

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