What is FormGet?

FormGet is an online form builder tool that will build amazing form without any coding skills, Building forms are simpler and easier. When you create form with FormGet it will automatically build database in the backend and generate script that will create form on any of your website or pages. We host everything all you need to collect user data on your website, It’s much simpler and easier.

What can I build with this?

Basically, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a short list of examples to give you an idea of  utility:

  • Contact Form
  • Mailing List
  • Job Application
  • Workshop Registration
  • Event Calendar
  • Account Management
  • Customer Management
  • Bug Tracker
  • Invitations / RSVP
  • Online Orders
  • Wedding Planner
  • Address Book
  • Home Finances
  • Classifieds
  • Personal Journal
  • Media Collection

Why would I want to use FormGet?

FormGet are the first way to make users communication on your website. They are most effective way to collect user data from the users.

The process of create form on your website is really difficult, You need to do  lot of coding stuff to manage a small form on your website and updating and managing it for future updates. Don’t waste your time with coding, rather focus yourself in building you business(user communication).   FormGet skip all the hard stuff and start getting things done.

You can read all the features that are listed on the feature page, this can help you in understanding application in a more better way or it will be good to create free account and check the application by yourself. It’s easy registration will take less than a minute. If you have any question, feel free to ask us.

What’s required to use FormGet?

All you need is to signup and running  internet connection. You have to just register on FormGet and start building your online forms. When you finish building your forms you will receive a form link, So that you can directly share it with your users/members to collect data and you will also get a embed code so that you can embed form on your websites.

Is my data safe and secure with FormGet?

We try our best to keep you data safe. Our data center is completely safe to protect. Our IT professional are working hard to serve you best quality of service.

How long do you keep my information?

You data is complete saved and secured on our servers,  but if you delete any form or any field that is associated with the form  then the data associated will be lost from our servers.  In case you have closed your account then the complete information will be delete from our website.

Can anyone access my forms?

It’s completely up-to you, if you shared your link, then it will be public otherwise it will be completely secured, otherwise we provide every form with unique id that can’t be predictable by any users and your form will be completely secured.

How much does FormGet cost?

FormGet comes with lite and pro feature pack, If you are using the lite version then you will not be charged and if you are using our pro version then you need to pay for the extensions you are using.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, There is no any long term contract, you can cancel you service any time you like. You just need to contact us for termination of service.

Can I add FormGet forms to my web site?

Yes, you can. When you create a form you will be given with embed code, just embed that code in your website and form will get visible in your website.  No coding required to such type of stuff.

How can I get at the data collected by my form?

Complete data is stored in the servers, you can access the data using your admin panel.

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  1. Hello, do i need to have a smtp before using this? If not, what do I need to get started? I have an email list of 15,000 and they are my most engaged subscribers who have open my emails in the past 30days. Pls let me know what I should do

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