Are you tired of waiting for your website to load? Then you should try fast loading WordPress themes. These themes actually assist you with a simple template in such a way that your WordPress sites will load faster in less than 3 seconds.

They are mostly used in business websites where admin uses them in order to decrease the loading time of the site. If it is less, then visitors will think that the WordPress site is quite interesting.

The reason behind this statement is:

Something which does work fast is better. It can be a car, train, website, product delivery, etc. Suppose you ordered some dress from an e-commerce website. It took some more days to arrive at your home. Now, you’ll not be satisfied with the service of that website. So next time, you won’t order a thing again from that e-commerce store!

Same is the case with the websites. If it doesn’t load fast, visitors will leave your page & never come again.

Even there are some templates which can minimize the loading time BUT can also result in image loading failure. That sounds really really bad!

In order to prevent it, here we’re with some of the best free as well as paid fast loading WordPress themes which can transform the loading time of your WordPress site.

Plus they all are way too efficient in displaying all the images correctly!

So just try them out!

You can also try some other WordPress themes which can result in the versatility of your website:

Now, let’s dive in!

1. SwiftRay: Best in Fast Loading WordPress Themes

In its name, you can see the word ‘Swift’ that means fast. Yes, you got it right! SwiftRay by InkThemes is one of the best paid fast loading WordPress theme. It is optimized for high speed in such a way that visitors who visit here can easily navigate to any section.

Another reason which made it a WordPress fast loading theme is the minimized usage of externally JS (for animations) & CSS (for better look) files. As everything has pros & cons, these files also have some of them. Excessive use of these files may result in slow loading speed. That’s why this fast loading WordPress theme is mostly purchased & featured.

Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of SwiftRay: WordPress Theme

  • SwiftRay WordPress theme charges only $59 as a one-time payment. After purchasing it, you’ll get a lifetime access & support.
  • To access 49 unique themes, you can purchase its premium membership at $147 for the first month. After it, you’ve to pay only $15 per month. Furthermore, you can use them on limitless domains.
  • In order to access 49 WordPress themes & 10 Plugins, you can purchase its membership plan at just $247 for the single month. After this month, you’ll be billed only $15 on monthly basis. Plus, with one bonus product’s access of your choice.

Important Features of SwiftRay: WordPress Theme

  • This WordPress theme is easy to work on any device like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • To make your business page more popular among the others, you can share your WordPress sites on social media. All of this can be done via 8 most popular social media icons.
  • After purchasing it, you will be able to use its four pre-designed themes: fashion, meditation, food & churches.

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2. Slice: WordPress Fast Loading Theme

What if you’ve got a product based fashion store & want to sell the items online? That’s possible from here. Slice by InkThemes is also in the category of fast loading WordPress themes. Your customers would love to buy the clothes & fashionable products if you have a very fast loading WordPress site.

This WordPress theme is really promising for this work. It also has a fast loading interface for images, product details on hover, etc. In addition to it, you can also post the advertisements on its homepage.

Slice Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of Slice: WordPress Theme

  • This theme charges only $59. It is a one-time payment & with lifetime access & support.
  • You can purchase the premium membership at $147 for the 1st month to use its 49 unique themes. After it, you’ll be charged only $15 per month. Also, you can use them on unlimited domains.
  • Its users can also purchase membership plan of $247 for a single month to access 49 unique themes & 10 WordPress plugins. After 1 month, you’ve to pay only $15 on monthly basis.

Important Features of Slice: WordPress Theme

  • One can add multiple images to its slider to showcase the product images & their pricings with ratings.
  • Its fast loading images result in swift loading of the homepage, tapped slider, widgets, blogs, etc.
  • You can add your contact address & details at the top of the header section. So, the visitors & customers can easily get in touch with you.

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3. QuickOnlineShop: Fastest Loading WordPress Theme

To build a fast loading Amazon affiliate store, you must try QuickOnlineShop. You might become a millionaire just by becoming a successful affiliate marketer. To become it, you must a quick loading WordPress site. This theme is the perfect match for this business.

This WordPress fast loading theme comes with two plugins: WooCommerce & affiliate. Via Woocommerce, you can create a user-friendly online selling website. Through its affiliate plugin, you can do the affiliate marketing & make money a lot.

QuickOnlineShop WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of QuickOnlineShop: WordPress Theme

  • You can create an affiliate website & earn from it. To build it, you can pay $97 as a one-time payment & get the lifetime updates.

Important Features of QuickOnlineShop: WordPress Theme

  • You can sell Amazon as well as e-commerce products from the website build with the help of this WordPress fast loading theme.
  • Also, you can set the pricing to display the products such as regular, offer & sale price.
  • One can mention the bonuses over $500 such that the customers can be attracted towards this particular WordPress website.

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4. Covera: WordPress Fast Loading Theme

If you want to create a fast loading WordPress site which of digital technologies then you must try Covera. This InkThemes WordPress theme helps in building a website for promoting high-tech quality services, software assets, etc.

Through its fast loading contact form, visitors won’t even get irritated while filling it, unlike other forms which take too much time to load.

Covera slice Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of Covera: WordPress Theme

  • Its basic plan charges only $59 with lifetime access.
  • You can also purchase its primary membership at just $147 & use 49 themes with new products every month under the subscription.
  • If you’re also looking for its themes as well as plugins, you can use them at just $247 for 1st month. After its, you’ll be charged only $15 on monthly basis. It will include 49 themes & 10 plugins.

Important Features of Covera: WordPress Theme

  • On its service section, you can add any kind of theory or info with a proper heading, information under it & an icon for a better look.
  • It has a map widget through which one can easily locate your store. This makes your WordPress site more effective than others.
  • This theme comes with a vertical slider banner animation. It makes the website’s interface cooler than your competitors.

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5. One Page: Best in Free Fast Loading WordPress Themes

One Page by InkThemes is a multipurpose theme for WordPress. Therefore, it suits well for the category of free fast loading WordPress themes. It is simple to customize & loads swiftly with any broken image.

As it is a single page WordPress theme, its web pages load faster than other multi-page sites. Apart from it, you can add threaded comments on its page in order to group the messages of the visitors with the reply.

OnePage WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of One Page: Free WordPress Theme

  • This WordPress theme is free of cost. So any beginner must try it once!

Important Features of One Page: Free WordPress Theme

  • You can categorize the posts of your WordPress site in parent & child sections. Like this, it will be way too easy for the users to find any information.
  • One can also create the posts in particular archives of month name & years. This is how the visitors as well as customers can easily find posts of any particular month & year.
  • Even in the about page, the visitant can submit their views & suggestions about your website/products.

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6. Compass: WordPress Fast Loading Theme

At last, here comes the Compass. It is also a WordPress fast loading theme with animated icons on hover. As it has a simple layout, pages load fast after every click. For those who don’t know much about WordPress still want to build fast loading site, this theme is best for them.

Compass Covera slice Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Cost Figure of Compass: Free WordPress Theme

  • Compass WordPress theme is free of cost.

Important Features of Compass: Free WordPress Theme

  • This theme support seven widget areas in sidebars, footer & home templates. This is what makes it more than a free fast loading WordPress theme.
  • Also, you can set the width of the pages to make the images look better with appropriate pixels.
  • One can customize the many elements of the page from its options panel such as intro texts, logos & background.

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So above are some of the best fast loading WordPress themes with high responsitivity. Some of them are free while others are paid (but affordable).

Through them, you can build a website for any kind of business. The most noteworthy point about these WordPress themes is that they are translation ready into any language. So don’t have any fear of losing an international customer.

They also have a 30-day money return policy. To know more about it, click here.

If you’ve any queries or suggestions, you can also comment below & we’ll reach out to you in a flash!