Using FormGet Dropbox Integration, you can upload files that get submitted to your forms by users.

To upload documents or files into Dropbox – 

  • Activate the file uploading extension along with Dropbox extension, so that you can easily upload files to Dropbox folder.

Steps To Integrate Dropbox File Extension With Your Forms – 

  • Add a file upload field in the form.
  • Integrate Dropbox account with your FormGet account and map upload field of form with the folder in the Dropbox.
  • This will allow the file uploads to get stored at one place and will also work as a backup for your incoming upload files.

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Benefits Of Dropbox Integration With FormGet-

  • Can upload all type of files say images, docs, resumes, etc.
  • Stored documents are accessible to the entire team.
  • Can organize resumes & other job applications in the a separate Dropbox folder.
  • Track down your all files and documents within dropbox account and FormGet as well.

In this way, file upload management can be achieved using Dropbox integration.