Form Management, an interesting feature of FormGet, lets you manage access permissions of forms and their fields.

Assign Form To Team

You can manage user access & customer queries in bulk very easily by assigning them to the entire team depending on their expertise.

For example,

  • If you have a technical support staff, you can assign the technical form to that team.
  • If you have a feedback staff, you can give feedback form access to that particular team.

Assign Form Fields

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After assigning the forms to team members, you can also assign the fields of a particular form to your team members depending on the expertise they can handle.

For example,

If a customer has submitted a query or a message to your form and you have to resolve that query. Then, depending on the selection of his query,team management feature will automatically transfer that query to respective team members.


Each team member will get the update via email notification about particular form(s) assigned to him. He can now directly access the form query and resolve it.

FormGet has three categories of query type namely, – technical query, presales query, and, general query.

To manage all these queries,

You need to give the access permission of specific form to your team members and assign the queries on the basis of their expertise in the following manner:

  • Technical queries to Agent 1.
  • Presales queries to  Agent 2.
  • General queries to Agent 3.

Assign form fields-distributing the field query for better support

By simply log in to FormGet dashboard, your team member can see all the data being coming through that specific form & manage all the entries and reply back to the customers.

Benefits Of Form Management In FormGet –

  • Team leader & member can analyze the daily workflow of their team.
  • Simplify the teamwork of your organization.
  • Messages/queries can be arranged well, as a result, an agent cannot miss any query, not even by mistake.
  • Filters all the entries and queries & resolve it.
  • The team member can pre-plan her/his work.

In this way, You can manage your team by assigning them to different forms via FormGet dashboard, an easy form builder.