Recurring Payment Form : Collect Payment

FormGet offers you a recurring payment feature that allow your customers to make payments automatically for the product they buy, at regular intervals of time, say monthly, quarterly, yearly or according to their requirement.

This kind of payment is very useful in situations like subscriptions, bills, transactions, etc.

For example, a customer bought an item of $1200, and he would like to make his payment at regular intervals, say $400 quarterly.


Using this online payment processing system, you can allow your users to make payments periodically. When the date of payment comes the money will get deduct automatically.

FormGet has integrated two online payment gateways to collect the recurring payments:

Recurring payment-payment automation with specific time

To collect recurring payments online, all you have to do is to add the product(s) in your form and can use a payment gateway option.

FormGet Offers You Several Benefits Of Using Recurring Payment –

  • Removes The Barrier Of  One-Time Payment.

Customers can easily buy the products without bothering about money as they can make payments according to their convenience, hence it removes the barrier of a one-time payment.

  • Improves Productivity

Enables you to create the form for single or multiple products hence increases productivity.

  • Easy To Use And Manage

Ability to customize payment intervals (monthly, bi-monthly).

Neeraj Agarwal
Neeraj Agarwal
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