What is Self Hosted Form?

Once you have created a form, it will completely be hosted on Formget.com. You can simply grab its URL link and start to use and share it on different networking platforms.

If you are an internet marketer or planning to step into a business, there must be a thought of worry in your mind to drive traffic and collect leads. And then turning them to increase product sales.


The solution to your problem is Self Hosted Forms offered by FormGet. 

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Your form will be hosted like a website with the help of its unique URL.
FormGet offers you a self-hosted form builder, one can easily manage form’s entries through a powerful dashboard.
You can easily collect users details and get in touch with them.


  • No need to own a web page, a website or anything, i.e, you don’t need to own a domain.
  • Offers flexibility.
  • No worries about hosting.
  • No worries about security as FormGet handles it for you.
  • Data tracking forms handled by FormGet
  • Can share it easily on various Social Networking Platforms by simply sharing a link.

More Features: