Are you searching for an online platform to showcase your filmmaking skills?

Well, we present you here 5+ filmmaker WordPress themes which will help you in creating a website, where you can give glimpses of your cinematographer work.

Filmmaker WordPress themes are best suitable for websites of production companies, cinematographers, filmmakers, etc. These themes have their own fine points like –

  • They have a full-width slider where you can add images.
  • A blog template where you can write blogs, articles and also can share the tips needed for filmmaking.
  • These themes have a predefined set of colors which can be used for making your website more interesting.
  • You can also upload or embed videos for your users.

Now, we are going to represent all 5+ filmmaker WordPress themes along with their features.

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1. Colorway – Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Colorway is the fastest Elementor based WordPress theme that can be used to create a website for film making studios, cinematographers, camera artists & many more. The theme comes with 30+ templates from which you can easily choose a suitable one for making your desired website.

With this theme, you get different types of sliders to display your services amazingly. It contains column, text, images & videos as well in sliders where you can showcase testimonials, product categories & more easily. Besides, it provides WooCommerce compatibility that will help you to feature your work & services online & collect payment.

Colorway - Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Price –

Download this theme at free of cost from

Features –

  • In this theme, you get various widgets & shortcodes to set anywhere on your website for showing useful information or other options.
  • Elementor WordPress theme gives you several color schemes & backgrounds to enhance the website appearance. Also, it provides drag & drop customizer to customize everything on your website in no time.
  • It has powerful addons that are AppointUp & LeadUp to give booking & lead capturing system on your website.
  • Colorway delivers many social sharing icons for users to share your site content on their social media accounts.
  • This theme is fully compatible with all modern browsers & responsive on every screen devices.

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2. FirstFocus – Cinematography WordPress Theme

If you want to be a part of the online film industry as cinematographers, filmmakers, camera artist or other freelance photographers then, first focus WordPress theme is best suited for your website. It is compatible with all browsers, all screen devices and has other modern features like – animated tools, sliders with running video, etc.

With this theme, you can have a custom menu and a widegtized footer where you can add business logo.

First Focus Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Price –

Anyone can buy first focus filmmaking WordPress theme at just $79, along with its modern features.

Features –

  • This theme has a service section area. In this service area, you can exhibit all your services like – editing, mixing of scenes, photography, shoots, etc.
  • It also has a special slider effect available for its feature area, so whenever your customers click on any feature they will be able to read the description of that feature.
  • You will have special parallax effects with a call to action button. When your clients click on the call to action button a contact form will appear on their screen. Your customers can fill the form and reach you easily.

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3. Cinema24 – WordPress Theme

With Cinema WordPress theme you can easily bring up your movie documentaries, animation techniques, performing actors on your website.

This theme is basically designed for people who want to work in film industries like – Theatre, comedy clubs, production houses, movie companies, etc.

This theme is integrated with Give-Donation Plugin so that non-profit organizations can use this theme and earn donations from their web portal.

Cinema24 Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Price –

The cost price is $79 which this theme worth as it is providing lots of good features.

Features –

  • Cinema WordPress theme has a full-width slider where you can show few glimpses of your work by adding images with a description.
  • With Give-Donation Plugin your clients or customers can donate some money to needy people.
  • This theme has a blog template where you can share news or updates on your upcoming work.
  • It also has a testimonial section where people can share their views on your hard work.

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4. Film PortFolio – WordPress Theme

To make websites for movie production houses, video advertising agencies, and many other of the same type, you can use film portfolio WordPress theme. This theme has many features which can make your website flaunt, engaging and eye-catching. It has two types of sliders – full-width slider, and box slider.

Film portfolio WordPress theme provides 3 column featured area, where you can present your services which you offer.

Movie Folio Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Price –

Buy this theme at $79 and you can use its artistic features on your website.

Features –

  • This filmmaker WordPress theme has parallax effect in its testimonial section. A testimonial section is a place where you can share your client’s utterance.
  • It has a set of predefined colors which can be used on your website to enhance its frontend.
  • You can share the filmmaking tips, articles, latest work update and more in the blog section.
  • With this theme, you can also add videos of your work to charm your users.

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5. PerfectVideo – WordPress Theme

All the features required to make a website with exotic features are available in videographer WordPress theme. This WordPress theme can be used by – videographers, filmmakers, cinematography, etc.

With this theme, you can add your business logo and a beautiful tagline related to your business. You can also showcase your work or services in the featured area. This theme is highly responsive to every screen device, compatible with all major browsers and SEO optimized.

Perfect Video Filmmaker WordPress Theme

Price –

$79 is the payable amount for this theme, which is not a huge amount as compared to the features it is providing.


  • PerfectVideo WordPress theme has a variable slider where you can exhibit your video making services.
  • Your clients can share their experience and you can display them in the testimonial section.
  • It has a widgetized footer area where you can add your contact details, address, menu options and a tagline for your business.
  • In this theme, you will also find a widgetized area where you will be free to upload your videos, or training modules to users.

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6. PhotoMaker – WordPress Theme

Photomaker is a beautiful and elegant theme. It is a multilingual theme and can be translated into any other language with help of a suitable plugin whether of WordPress or other.

Out of 5, this theme has a rating of 4.5 stars.

Photomaker WordPress Theme

Price –

With 200+ active installations, this theme is freely available on the official website of

Features –

  • It also has a widgetized sidebar where search option and categories will be displayed.
  • You can use the editor’s style with the help of which you can emphasize on your website’s look.
  • In this theme, comments are a well-organized, threaded way.
  • This theme has a custom background, header, sticky posts and more.

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7. OnePage – WordPress Theme

OnePage theme is a very simple theme. Anyone can use this theme for creating a website of different professions. Moreover, it has unlimited color options available with it. It has a full-width slider where you can place the image related to your business profile. This theme is most suitable for business sites.

However, it has more 4000+ active installations, which makes it popular among its users.

OnePage WordPress Theme

Price –

This theme is available free of cost even after providing all the necessary features required for creating a website on WordPress.

Features –

  • It has 6 social sharing button which will help your clients to share your ideas on different platforms, thus, increasing traffic on your website.
  • In this theme, you will find 4 team member section area.
  • In addition, you can add a featured image which showcases your business idea.
  • All the comments in the comment section are arranged in a threaded way.

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Conclusion –

We hope you have found a good match for your website. Here we tried to stuff all the features of 5+ filmmaker WordPress themes.

If you have any question or concern regarding the themes, please do contact us!