The ever-growing business of fitness clubs & gyms has become even more profitable these days as managing them is even easier through online mode.

In other words, business persons who owe health clubs can handle their members, trainers, workout schedules, nutrition plans and all the other related aspects of the gym with few clicks from one place.

And all of this has become possible with the help of gym management PHP script which has tremendously gained popularity.

Gym Management PHP Script

By implementing these PHP scripts for online gym management, your manual efforts & time for handling the gym website will reduce considerably.

Further, the analytics will provide readily calculated reports on user subscription, payments, overall expenses, stock inventory, invoices and tonnes of other important statistics. The admin can easily schedule workout sessions for the members. Later, he can also assign trainer, days & time and other details for those gym sessions from the admin panel.

Hence, we have compiled some of the best gym management PHP scripts that will certainly help gym owners in the long run.

Let us explore them one by one.

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1. Gym Master – Gym Management System

Gym Master is a PHP script that provides you complete gym management with the highest efficiency. Admin can have various modules to have a better workflow of gym website.

For instance, he can monitor & manage workout sessions, trainers, nutrition plans, inventory, activity-based groups and many more.

Gym Master Gym Management PHP Script


  • The admin can easily schedule workout sessions for the members. Later on, he can also assign trainer, days & time and other details for those sessions from the back end.
  • Furthermore, you can also alter various settings for members privacy, PayPal configurations, website settings etc. from the admin panel.
  • You can also sell gym products to the gym members and have all the sell records like member name, the quantity of product, date of purchase etc.
  • Moreover, the admin will have multiple reports about members attendance, membership status, payments and a lot more.
  • Besides this, admin can also send reminders to the members to complete their due payments as per the membership plans.

Pricing Plan

Buy the regular license of this popular gym management PHP script at a very affordable price of $46 and get tonnes of amazing features plus future updates.

You can also extend the provided support for 6 months to 1 year by paying a minimal amount of $15.38 only.

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2. eGym – Gym & Fitness Club Management System

eGym is exclusively designed to ease out the maintenance task of gym management.

This gym management software can seamlessly integrate to fitness clubs of all sizes. It has all the amenities to enhance your online gym management such as trainer management, online registration system, membership plans, point of sale, invoices and a much more.

eGym Gym Management PHP Script


  • The script lets you customize the layout of your web page in terms of adding sliders & informative menu, altering the title, logo, favicon etc.
  • Moreover, you can also have the membership renewal report of the clients that will have their basic information & due date for making payments.
  • You can easily add testimonials, feature specialist trainers, feedback form for users, social media links etc. on the website.
  • Also, direct debit integration will help you collect payments automatically from the members at regular intervals.
  • Admin can also manage the referrers list that will have their percentage share, payments and, various other information.

Pricing Plan

Avail the regular license of this gym management PHP script at $26 and extended license with a price tag of $130 only.

Along with all the enhanced features in this PHP script, you will also get a dedicated 6 months support that can be extended to 1 year with $7.88 only.

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3. Fitsigma – Gym Management Software

Fitsigma has gained a tremendous popularity among all the other gym management software.
Gym owners can effortlessly manage their gym clients, their memberships & payments, and numerous other details.

The script provides you with 2 types of the dashboards namely, super admin dashboard & dashboard where you can have the analytics report about earnings, expenses, total customers, expiring subscriptions, registrations and much more.  Also, you will have quick links to the new enquiry, payments, attendance etc.

Fitsigma Gym Management PHP Script


  • Admin can create various online campaigns for promotion & send unlimited emails. Also, the promotional database will hold the details about the people associated with the campaigns.
  • You will have detailed reports of clients, payments, attendance, enquiry, membership & sales targets etc.
  • This script further allows you to create & manage other branches of your gym in terms of incharge name, location, and other details.
  • Furthermore, admin can create various tasks (to-do list) for his convenience like making a purchase or collecting payments from members. Also, he can set its priority, deadline, reminders etc. for those tasks.
  • Moreover, you can have complete information related to expenses, invoices, due payments, & reminders.

Pricing Plan

Purchase the regular license of this gym management application at a very reasonable rate of $40. Also, the extended license is available at $225 only that comes with even more enhanced features.

If you wish to extend the provided 6-month support to 12 months, just pay a minimal amount of $13.13 only.

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4. Gym / Fitness Club Management 

This PHP script provides an advanced online gym and health club management system. You can easily handle a lot of elements such as revenue, gym members, subscription plans and a lot more.

The robust gym management PHP script is capable enough to handle bulk data and provide you with accurately calculated reports.

Fitness Club Gym Management PHP Script


  • You can easily manage members registration, schedules, subscription plans, payment details and a lot more stuff from the robust admin panel.
  • Admin can get alerts to recover dues from unpaid members and clients whose memberships are going to expire. This helps you to notify those members to pay the balance amount.
  • Further, based on the subscription plan that a member has chosen, you can generate an invoice and also print barcode on it.
  • Besides this, it also aid you with analytics report about overall & per month income, new registrations etc. Whereas, you can also make amendments in every required field.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this script is available at a very economical price of $40. Whereas, the extended license is available at $275 only to facilitate you with amazing features.

You can anytime extend the given 6-month support to 1 year by paying an additional amount of $13.13 only.

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As we have reached at the end of this article, I hope you must have understood why webmasters are blindly using these PHP scripts.

The scripts support every important feature that is required for managing the gym & fitness clubs through online mode.

Finally, you will find each of these scripts in your budget and absolutely high in performance.

All you need to do is, select the script which you find best for your business type and start using it instantly.

In case, you have any query or want to make any suggestion, do comment in the below section.

Thanks for reading.