Looking for health or medical information is one of the most popular activities which is gaining importance day by day. The large chunk of patients is increasingly looking for online healthcare. But merely online presence will not work as other factors like trust and brand name will also play a vital role. For this, you must have best in hospital WordPress themes to give your website a complete professional look.

Benefits of designing your website from the listed hospital WordPress themes:

  • Getting online appointments-
  • Payment of bills-
  • Brand building-
  • Edge over competitors-

These best hospital WordPress Themes are equipped with some of the important features that will make your work easy. You will be able to get online appointments as all the themes come with inbuilt Inkthemes appointment form. PayPal integration with the themes with help you in the easy and authentic transaction system.

The listed themes will also help you in gaining the social media presence which will help in brand building. The blog section will help you to make your website more interesting with engaging health blogs. Moreover, you can design your website with several unique colors. As a whole, your business will get an edge over your competitors.

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Let’s come to the point and jump into the amazing list of 5+ best hospital WordPress themes.

1. Faith & Hope – Best In Hospital WordPress Themes

Faith And Hope WordPress theme is particularly designed for hospital business keeping in mind all the needs of this business. The theme by the name itself will develop faith and hope in the website users mind by its attractive layout.

You can showcase you all medical-related services in a very informative manner with service section feature of this theme. Moreover, your WordPress site visitors can also book the online appointments with the full comfort with this theme.

Faith & Hope Hospital WordPress Theme


Get this theme with a 24*7 support forum and free updates at $79.


  • Comes with a video section where you can showcase the videos related to the use of latest medical technology in your hospital.
  • You can also share the testimonials of the qualified doctors and staff with testimonial section. It helps in building trust for your brand.
  • Provides you a gallery section where you can showcase images like clean hospital rooms, patient care etc.
  • Equipped with a contact form which will help your visitors to reach to your business with ease.

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2. WellBeing – Medical Clinic Hospital WordPress Theme

WellBeing Medical Clinic Hospital WordPress Theme is an appealing theme that suits every hospital business niche with care. You can design your own WordPress site with few clicks as it does not require any coding language.

Your visitors will get the best browsing experience with the eye-soothing fonts of this theme. Moreover, healthcare, clinic, health blog or related medical business will find this theme perfect for them.

WellBeing Hospital WordPress theme


WellBeing is available in a single pricing plan of $79 with 30 days money back guarantees.


  • Easy online appointment booking is possible as the theme comes with InkThemes appointment form.
  • 3 feature column feature where you can showcase important information related to your business.
  • You will also get service section where you can add multiple services of your business.
  • Comes with a blog section which will help you in starting your own health blog.

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3. Women’s Health – Gynecologist WordPress Theme & Template

Women’s Health is a feature-rich the specialized gynecologist WordPress theme. This theme will give your website a complete professional look. The theme allows you to highlight the tagline with the help of business tagline area.

This will help you in brand building for your business. Moreover, you will get all the important features that make a perfect Gynecologist WordPress theme.

Women's Health WordPress Theme


Give your medical business a perfect online presence with this theme at $79.


  • The theme helps to book online appointments and saves the time, thanks to inbuilt InkThemes form.
  • You will get beautiful slider section where you can upload images of nurses, gynecology center etc.
  • Comes with a blog section which can be used for to showcase instructional contents about women’s pregnancy and related things.
  • Provides a video section that will help you to represent the services in visually.

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4. Analyze Heredity – Medical Clinic Hospital WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a dynamic medical clinic hospital WordPress theme than analyze heredity is the solution for it. The theme comes with some of the amazing features like blog section to engage the visitors on your website. Your customers can contact you easily with the help of pre-equipped contact form.

Moreover, you can create a completely responsive website as it comes with Twitter Bootstrap technology. The theme will prove to be a valuable asset for your business.

Analyze Heredity Hospital WordPress Theme


You can get this theme at a very reasonable pricing plan of $79 with free unlimited lifetime updates.


  • Book an online appointment with full convenience as the theme comes with InkThemes Appointment form.
  • Social sharing icons like Facebook, Youtube will help you in getting social media presence.
  • The theme is integrated with PayPal gateway. This will help you as well as your visitors for easy payment and transaction-related things.
  • It supports all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. which makes it user-friendly.
  • The theme options panel is a powerful feature which will help you to customize the theme the way you like.

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5. CT Scan – Health and Medical WordPress Themes

CT Scan WordPress theme is a simple yet professional hospital WordPress theme. This theme is designed to bridge the gap between demand and supply of CT Scan service needs.

It creates a perfect platform for both service providers as well as suppliers of CT Scan. Anyone can book an online appointment for your service as the theme comes with InkThemes appointment form.

CT Scan Hospital WordPress Theme


Get this theme with some of the additional benefits like 2487 support forum and 30 days money back guarantee at $79 only.


  • Provides you a full-width slider to showcase your services beautifully.
  • Make your website more beautiful with a perfect gallery section.
  • Engage your visitors with interesting blogs which will help you in bringing traffic to your website.
  • Design your website the way you like with several unique template color skins.
  • The theme works with full efficiency in a very device like mobile, laptop, desktop etc.
  • You will also get a full-width slider which can be used to highlight the service with the help images and a short description.

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6. Fine Digestive – Medical WordPress Theme & Template

Fine Digestive is a simple to use and fully responsive medical WordPress theme. The theme will give a perfect shape to your health-related website with ease. In other words, you will get a best online platform to showcase all your services.

Besides these, you can also use unique different colors skins to make your website more colorful. Surgeons, doctors and related professionals can take maximum advantage of this theme.

Fine Digestive Hospital WordPress Theme


Fine Digestive can be yours a very reasonable pricing plan of $79.


  • This theme makes the online appointment booking from anywhere with the help of InkTheme appointment theme.
  • You will get four column feature area to highlight the important things of your business.
  • The tagline area comes with parallax effect which gives an alluring look for your website.
  • You can also upload custom logo and icon which can be customized with the help of theme options panel.
  • It also has a gallery section to showcase your images in a beautiful manner.

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We have researched a lot and came up with the above best list of the 5+ hospital WordPress themes. We hope that this article must have helped you in choosing the perfect theme for your health-related business.

Thanks for reading the article, we would appreciate your valuable comments and suggestion.