Would you like to become a rich business person by using HTML WordPress themes?

You’d wonder that why we used that extra catchy question. A question might come in your head ‘How a tiny HTML WordPress theme can make me & my business rich?’. So, you’ll take it as a joke & laugh on us. Still, you will shout ‘HELL YEAH!’ because it’s the human nature. Of course, who doesn’t want to become rich? But when we say that it is really POSSIBLE, it will be a jaw-dropping moment for you!

With the help of WordPress HTML themes, anyone can create a highly configurable website in a couple of minutes. Almost all of them contains the latest version of HTML which is HTML5 (good for your website).

Apart from it, some have the features of customizable jQuery & CSS3 files. Through them, you can create a website with numerous color styles & animations.

You can use them to create the websites for purposes such as:

  • Business.
  • Academies.
  • Coaching Institutes.
  • Coming soon websites.
  • Vocational, special schools.
  • Fitness, gym websites, etc.

That’s what you can do with all of those themes. Besides them, some of them can be used for multiple purposes. That’s why we’d like to suggest 5 HTML WordPress Themes which are best in the market.

All you have to do is to try them with a free mind & finalize the best one according to your needs. All of them are paid because we think that the free themes can’t fulfill all of the needs.

You may also find more of our blogs interesting which consists of other category WordPress themes. Who knows, you might love them for your work.

Let’s surf down to this article now!

1. Balance: Gym Fitness HTML WordPress Theme

Balance is built with the latest version of HTML5. It is basically an HTML WordPress theme for creating an online website for gym & fitness businesses. It has some effective customizers through which, you can do a lot more stuff on your WordPress site to make it look better than others.

Balance HTML WordPress Theme

Pricing of This WordPress HTML Theme:

  • Its standard plan charges $50 with a single product access & you can distribute the end product without any charge.
  • This theme also has another plan of $2450. In this case, you might be able to sell the end product without any problems.

Features of This WordPress HTML Theme:

  • You can create unlimited portfolios & sidebars on your site to make it more effective & crowd gathering.
  • Also, you can add videos on your site which can be of Youtube, Vimeo OR self-hosted.
  • It comes with an interesting feature of separately customizing each & every page background of your site. That’s why no two or more pages will be identical.
  • On the left column of your blog page, you can add many sections such as search icon, recent news, events, posts & tags. This is how you can feature a lot more about your site in a single blog page.

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2. Air: Best in HTML WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a single page HTML WordPress theme then Air is the best choice. It has a simple & attractive design with lots of customization tweaks. Since it is a versatile theme, you can use to build any kind of HTML supported website in a couple of minutes.

Air HTML WordPress Theme

Pricing of This HTML WordPress Theme:

  • This WordPress HTML theme charges only $14.99 with lifetime access. After purchasing it, you don’t have to pay any extra amount for the duration your subscription.

Features of This HTML WordPress Theme:

  • In its team member section, you can display the details of all of your colleagues with their photos, a little bit info & social sharing icons.
  • On the footer section, you can add the Google maps in order to display the satellite location of your company or organization.
  • Through its font awesome icons, you can add symbols (small images) to any of the headings.
  • On its animated portfolio section, you can showcase your products & services in a much reformer way.

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3. Kids Land: Best HTML5 WordPress Theme

Kids Land is a WordPress HTML theme with lots of customizations & tweaks. You can provide any kind of information about your university, college, music schools, play schools, kindergartens, etc. The information you will mention can be of any achievements, events, programs, staff & many more.

Kids Land HTML WordPress Theme

Pricing of This HTML5 WordPress Theme:

  • This WordPress theme charges $25 as a one-time payment with lifetime access & support.

Features of This HTML5 WordPress Theme:

  • On its footer area, you will be able to feature any of your upcoming public programs separately. So the visitors on your site won’t get confused in finding the event details.
  • Apart from it, you can feature any of your images in 4 types: two, three, four columns & single column gallery album.
  • Also, you can feature any latest news on your site’s homepage with a banner image, date & a snippet of the news. It can also be elaborated as featuring the blog posts in a civilized manner.
  • It has a stylish pricing section in which you can easily display the fees of your school or university with so much ease.

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4. RUSH: Coming Soon HTML WordPress Template

RUSH is a responsive HTML template to display “Coming Soon” element with effective countdown timers. This is how you can display when your website will go live. Apart from it, this theme is also beneficial for showcasing any new project, applications which will be live in future.

RUSH HTML WordPress Theme

Pricing of This HTML WordPress Template:

  • This WordPress HTML theme is the cheapest one with a service charge of $6. Also, you can take help from the team of RUSH for customizing the site according to your needs.

Features of This HTML WordPress Template:

  • You can add email signup option on the coming soon page. When the site is LIVE, all of the visitors & readers who have already signed up will receive the status of your site. This is how you can get them all back.
  • Through its built-in color customizer, you can change the shade of your site. And yes, there are unlimited color options which you can create.
  • To manage all of your subscriptions, this HTML WordPress theme comes integrated with MailChimp. With the help of it, you can send promotional emails to your customers/contacts related to your business.
  • If you are a techie guy then you can also change the color styling of your site from CSS files.

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5. Biznex: A Twitter Bootstrap & HTML5 WordPress Theme

Biznex is a website creator WordPress theme for businesses. It is built on Twitter Bootstrap & HTML5. This theme is best for those people who want to set up the website for their old as well as new businesses, companies, industries etc.

One can create a website for any kind of business whether it is a small or a large one.

Biznex HTML WordPress Theme

Pricing of This WordPress Theme:

  • Biznex WordPress theme charges a one-time payment of $42. You’ll get 24X7 support with it too!

Features of This WordPress Theme:

  • This theme comes with the feature of shortcodes to create buttons, offers, pricing tables, team members, tabs, etc.
  • Since it is a single page theme, you can create the simplest website in a couple of minutes.
  • It uses latest HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery library which will help in creating various visual & transition effects.
  • Also, you can switch from one page to a multi-page layout anytime you want to. This feature makes your site more versatile than others.

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So above are some of the best HTML WordPress themes you must count on for your work. Each of them is responsive to all kind of devices & can be used to build a website of any niche.

That’s why all we want from you is to try them & choose the best out of all the 5 HTML WordPress themes!

For any suggestions & queries, please comment below. We’ll reach out to you soon!