“Integrate library management PHP script to manage the online library system like a pro”

I know you need to keep your online library system up-to-date in every aspect. Be it, the number of users or records of their issued/returned books.

Also, you need to manage the journals/books of different categories of your library at the same time.

Hence, the library management PHP script will help you in keeping the book logs up to date. In fact, with an updated book log online, you can attract more readers.

Furthermore, you can import the PDF copy of your books to the website.

Library Management PHP Script

Also, these scripts are integrated with SMS & email gateways that help you to get connected with the users across the world.

Actually, there are a lot more facilities that these PHP scripts provide. Let us start exploring them one by one.

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1. Library Management System

It is one of the most used PHP scripts to manage your entire library data on a website such as books and CD details, student registration form, faculty entry form, book issue and return date and a lot more important logs.

Also, it has a functionality to create an online students portal. So as a webmaster you can start with receiving the registration forms from the users, you can assign a unique ID to student and faculty and perform various actions such as to define penalty charges on delayed return.

Library Management System Library Management PHP Script


  • The dynamic dashboard will always give you updated statistics of the number of students, faculties, & issued books on the back-end of the webpage.
  • The powerful admin panel lets you make a new entry of books and CDs easily with their complete details like purchase date, cost, status and a lot more.
  • You can also make desired changes in the website such as site logo, favicon, templates for registration or forgot password and many other elements.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this brilliant PHP script for library management is available at $25 only. The extended license of the same script with advanced features can be purchased at $525.

Besides all the amazing features, you will also get a dedicated 6 months support. Also, you can extend this support to 12 months by paying $7.50 extra.

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2. Library Management System (LMS)

This is a widely used library management script in PHP for easy management of any type of library. This online library management system lets you manage books of different categories, members of different types and daily read books

You can manage the books circulation in terms of issue and return date of the books from/to members with a lot more accuracy and clarity.

LMS Library Management PHP Script


  • Webmasters can send a notification to the members through email & SMS as this script supports reliable SMS gateways such as Twilio, Nexmo, 2 Way SMS etc.
  • You can generate and print book catalogs with barcodes. And also facilitate the users to read ebooks in either PDF or ePub format.
  • Besides this, you can facilitate the visitors with multiple sections on the web page such as a dynamic book search option, most read books, most issued books etc. along with easy member registration option.
  • Admin can perform every required action like sending reminders to the members, fine reports on late submissions, book limit for members, accept or reject book requests by members

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this advanced PHP script for library management is available at $36 only. Furthermore, you can buy the extended license of this script at just $155 and unlimited enhanced features.

If you wish to support the given 6-month support to 1 year, you just need to pay an additional amount of $11.63 only.

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3. Library Management System 3.0

This library management system PHP script provides a very user-friendly interface for the online librarians to manage the web-based library system.

Also, the dynamic dashboard of the admin panel will give a graphical report of recent activities. Whereas, you can also have logs of circulations, acquisition, members, books etc.

Moreover, this responsive script comes with RTL supports and 12 different languages.

LMS 3 Library Management PHP Script


  • The website owner can easily import book log in bulk of unlimited categories & different authors in CSV file for your library. Also, the webmaster can import the books to the web page in PDF format so, a user can read the books online.
  • The script has built-in SMS & email templates & APIs which you can use for a variety of purpose. For instance, you can send reminders to the members about the book return or notify them about a new book in the library.
  • Furthermore, the script automatically fetches details of the books using Google API provides auto cataloging of your library books with ISBN.
  • In addition to this, the script is integrated with an advanced and highly functional barcode/label printer as well.

Pricing Plan

Purchase the regular license of this script at a very affordable rate of $31 and extended license with a price tag of $404 only and get flooded with its outstanding features.

You can extend the provided 6 months support to 1 year in just $9.75.

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4. Easy LMS – Library Management System

Just like its name, Easy LMS helps to manage your library like a pro. You can easily configure all the elements related to the book depository such as issued books, day limit to keep a book, fine system etc.

Using this script, webmasters can either add a new book in the library database automatically by simply providing barcode ID or add them manually by giving ISBN number, book name, publisher, author and other details.

Easy LMS Library Management PHP Script


  • User can search books from author/book name, category, ISBN and view the thumbnail of the available books with rack location, published year etc.
  • Moreover, users can also download e-books or make a request to add books they want to read/download.
  • Admin will have updated reports on book issue/return dates, lost & out of stock books and a lot more crucial information.
  • Furthermore, admin can make unlimited changes as per the need. For instance, he can impose a different fine on the students and members.

Pricing Plan

Avail the regular license of the script at a very economical price of $23 and extended license with additional features at $185 only.

You will also get a 6-month support that can be extended to 12 months by buying an extra charge of $6.75 only.

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5. elibrary Soft

elibrary Soft is a flexible library portal through which you can store e-books/physical books, journals of different genres and allow users to avail them.

It lets you manage all the books, journals, newspapers & magazines of your library easily through the powerful admin panel. Besides this, you can also publish news and events on your web page.

You can use this software both web-based or local host-based libraries.

elibrary Soft Library Management PHP Script


  • The script provides you OPAC search option to authorized users for the library catalog that helps in advanced searching of books from external libraries/bookstores as well.
  • Authorized users can easily organize the virtual shelves that stores study materials of different categories and genres in a systematic manner.
  • Furthermore, you can have records about the violation (i.e. lost/damaged items), borrowed/returned resources, reservations made by users.
  • It also provides instant messaging system in order to stay in contact with the users.

Pricing Plan

Purchase the regular license of this script at an affordable price of $59. Also, its extended license with even more advanced features comes with a price tag of $445 only.

If you want to extend the 6-month support to 1 year, just pay an additional amount of $19.5 only.

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6. Library CMS – Powerful Book Management System

Library CMS is a powerful CMS for book management that can be integrated with one-click installation.

It provides a wonderful book management as you can easily add/modify, delete books from your book catalog. Also, it lets you have the different catalog of book authors, publishers, genres etc.

Library CMS Library Management PHP Script


  • You can also publish different posts & news on your website and also create custom pages for different utilities.
  • The multilingual script supports easy customization in every aspect. For example, you can modify page templates, menus, date/time format etc.
  • You create and manage users like librarian, members etc. in terms of their roles and permissions through the admin panel.
  • Besides processing the user’s request for particular books, you can also display a “coming soon” section for upcoming posts, books etc. on the web page.

Pricing Plan

Get the regular license of this PHP script at a very reasonable price of $50 and the extended license at $225 only.

Both of these pricing schemes will provide comes with the 6-month support system. You can anytime extend this support to 12 months with $16.88 additional charge.

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The library management system PHP script that we have just mentioned in this blog are trending these days.

These are absolutely cost effective and provides the best services to manage your online library system of any size.

Be assured of their quality, as each one of them is tested at the personal level before presenting to you.

In case, you have any doubt or suggestion, do comment in the below section.

Thanks for reading.