Gone are the days when conducting live events was a miracle and time-consuming job. Now with Live Streaming PHP Script, it has become a few clicks task to host live events on the web that are happening around the world.

Therefore, today we have come up will a list of PHP Video Streaming scripts that are capable of providing top quality live streaming video clips at an affordable cost.

Live Streaming PHP Script

Most of the scripts defined here are device friendly, easy to use, offers dedicated panels for users & admin. In addition, most of these scripts support a variety of payment options, provide management facilities for channels, users, subscribers etc.

This is just an overview, for eleborated details let us dive in.

1. LiveStream – Online Video & Live Streaming System

If you need an effective business website and management system for live streaming them LiveStream PHP script will be right option for you.

With this script users are allowed to view any channel, video clips, etc in live without login or registration.

The admin dashboard is super easy to use and offers multiple customization options.Plus, the user-interface also has an attractive design.

LiveStream Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • The first plan of this PHP script has got a price tag of just $31.
  • The second plan with enhanced services and add-on facilities will cost you $905.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • The dashboard of this script provides various statistics related to total channels, categories, ads and subscriber details.
  • It permits you to add, edit, remove and manage live TV streaming details with multiple options.
  • Provides an advanced advertising system to display ads in the script as well as in the form of images.
  • You can easily create About Us, FAQ & Contact Us pages for your website.
  • Customers on your website can access live streamed TV and sports events without any registration process.

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2. LiveTV – Online Video Streaming CMS

With LiveTV PHP script you can deal with paid & free users separately, collect subscription payments via multiple gateways, allow one click video play and more.

The dashboard will help you have pending deposit list, transaction logs, and you can apply channel, package, email and SMS settings as well.

LiveTV Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • For the regular license of this PHP script, you will have to pay around $40.
  • But to enjoy the features of extended license with additional services you will be charged $205.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • The script enables you to manage subscription details of bother free as well as paid users.
  • Supports more than 8 automated payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, PerfectMoney, etc for secured & safe money transfer.
  • You can apply various website settings along with email and SMS configurations using this script.
  • It allows you to define different channel settings and manage multiple packages with essential details like price, name, validity and more.
  • Separate user interface which offers unique dashboard, transaction logs, affiliate details and other important information.

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3. LiveStream – Live Channel PHP Script

LiveStream is a premium live channel & streaming PHP script. It is specially crafted for professionals who are interested in deliver high-definition video clips on sports, technology, and other live events.

The admin panel comes loaded with features to deal with subscribers, channels, news, social media, users and advertisements.

It also gives you the ability to customize fonts, colors, define multiple languages, and add homepage banner as well.

Live Stream Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • The regular license of this live streaming script will cost you $35.
  • For the extended license, you will have to pay $125 for all enhanced features.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • The script supports more than 15 social media platforms and allows you to add social sharing buttons on each post. Plus, you can accept facebook comments on various posts.
  • Using this PHP script you can easily manage, add, edit & delete multi-level user and define multiple languages as well.
  • LiveStream script allows unlimited category, news, and channel creation. You can also place advertisements in channel sidebar and create pages.
  • You can manage various details of channels like thumb image, title, category, status, and other settings which you can edit or even delete.
  • It offers a user-friendly dashboard through which you can view precise information about users, channels, news and more.

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4. CinemaLex – Streaming Service PHP Script

CinemaLex PHP script is a great help to those who are willing to showcase movies, TV series and Live channels on their website.

With this script you can use Amazon Web Service to store all the media details and provide uninterrupted live entertainment to visitors.

It offers support for 6 languages, proper documentation, billing facilities and user management system.

CinemaLex Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • For this Live Streaming PHP script, you will have to pay $180 which will include user settings, billing features, and multiple app settings.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • With this script, you can simply manage movies, TV series and conduct live TV streaming without any interruption.
  • It will help you collect subscription payments through Stripe in a secured manner. You can generate bills, and provide users with options to update, cancel as well as resume membership.
  • Users can easily apply various app settings like adjusting caption, font styles, language, and other options.
  • The script permits you to handle reports which are based on user reviews and are used to notify errors that have occurred.
  • You can manage user details like name, email, creation date, user ID, etc from the dashboard of this script.

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5. LetsPlay – Live TV Streaming Script

LetsPlay is a live streaming script for Tv & Radio Channels developed using PHP. It allows you to create SEO friendly and easy to use website that holds listing of various radio stations and TV channels.

With this script you get 128+ color options, user registration system, quick links, social sharing along with comment and rating facility.

Lets Play Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • Regular plan of this premium script will cost you $31 with which multiple entry-level features and support facilities will be provided.
  • $155 is the price which you have to pay for the extended plan of this script.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • This live streaming script supports different type of radio and video embed codes for easy streaming.
  • It allows you to manage streaming categories, sub-categories, channels and offers the search option for channels, etc.
  • With this PHP script, you can conduct effective advertisements on Google and own channels as well.
  • The interface control features give you options to handle logo, slider, social media details, menu and other web page settings.
  • Through the dashboard, you can view channel details like title, type, categories, featured type and apply the action to edit those details.

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6. Moko Live Stream – PHP Script

Moko Live TV Stream is another responsive PHP script which can help you have a custom designed and user-friendly streaming platform.

Using this script conducting live streaming of sports events and matches on your website becomes easy. You can monitor various statistics through the dashboard, add share buttons and more.

Moko Live Live Streaming PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • You will have to pay $21 for the full access of regular plan services and features.
  • The extended plan comes at a price of $75 with advanced features and various enhanced facilities.

Features Of Live Streaming PHP Script:-

  • This script actively supports live links from sources like  Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, vkonkate along with custom URLs.
  • It has got an easy to use interface, powerful admin panel and looks great on different types of devices.
  • Allows you to define SEO metadata for all pages, posts and various categories.
  • You can easily create pages, menu, advertisements for live sports events and gaming activities.

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We have now arrived at the closure of this blog. Now it’s your decision to select the script which best suits your needs.

I would suggest you should try one script which fulfills all the needs and requirements of your live streaming business.

Still, if you have got any type of queries related to the scripts or topic, you can ask them to us in the comments section below. We will be happy to reply.

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