Today, we are going to learn how to generate Mandrill API Key so that we can use it in our application.

But, before generating API-key,  I am giving you a brief explanation of exactly what Mandrill is and why we need Mandrill API/SMTP integration into our application or websites.

Mandrill is basically an email infrastructure service developed by MailChimp. It was started as an idea in 2010 but, became the reality in 2022.

Mandrill is designed to help users who need to send a transactional email like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages. Technically, users can send any legal, non-spam emails through Mandrill.

Mandrill also offers advanced tracking, easy-to-understand reports & email templates.

Why Mandrill API Key is Needed?

Mandrill allows users to send emails through the Mandrill API or SMTP integration. Integration process requires a key to access Mandrill API and send emails, get information about the account, and view or parse reporting data in your own app or system.

MailGet is an online email management service which allows you to send bulk as well as grid email through Mandrill. You only need mandrill credentials to integrate SMTP service in MailGet to send emails.

It also provide a dashboard to store and manage your users and sent messages information in your account. This service very effective and have very low maintenance cost.

How to Generate Mandrill API Key?

Generating Mandrill API Key is an easy and simple process which I am going to explain step-by-step.

Step 1: – Click on the Mandrill SignUp link and create your username and password for Mandrill account.

Step 2: – After successful registration, you will get Mandrill dashboard where you will have fill some necessary details for your Mandrill account.

mandrill api key generation-2
Step 3: – Now, you have your dashboard and you will get API configuration section. Just click on “Get API Keys” button.

mandrill api key generation-3
Step 4: – You will get a pop-up, which required your account password for verification. Just enter your account password and click on “Verify Password” button.

mandrill api key generation-4
Step 5: – Now, you will get a button in your dashboard to Add API Keys. Just click on it.

mandrill api key generation-5
Step 6: – Under API Keys section, you will get your Mandrill API key. You can also generate more keys to use in different applications or websites.


mandrill api key generation-6
Hurray!!! You got your Mandrill API Key. Use it in your application and enjoy…

Connect Mandrill SMTP with MailGet


Step: 1  Go to your MailGet dashboard  and click on “Settings” tab.

Step: 2  On setting page click on “Other SMTP” link in left sidebar to open SMTP setting section.

Step: 3  Now you will see a green buttonADD NEW SMTPon the right sideclick on that button to add Mandrill SMTP

Step: 4   When you will click on “ADD NEW SMTP” button, a new form will open. You have to fill all the information in form as listed below to connect MailGet With Mandrill .

From Email: From Email address( which one you have used to create account in Mandrill ) for your Email Campaign.

SMTP Name: You can set any name to recognize Mandrill SMTP.



USERNAME/API: Mandrill Account Login Email address.

PASSWORD/Secret KEY: Mandrill API Key.

Step: 5  After filling form click on the green button “SAVE SMTP CREDENTIALS” to save details.

Now your Mandrill SMTP is connected with your MailGet Account to send emails.

Setup Mandrill Account for Handling Bounces & Spam Emails

If your mailing list has many invalid email addresses, it may result in a hard bounce rate. It can harm the reputation of your Mandrill account and your account may even get blocked as per the terms and conditions of Mandrill.

We suggest you to configure your Mandrill account with MailGet. It will enable Mandrill to report to Mailget regarding bounced as long as spammed emails.

With the help of that report, MailGet removes invalid (bounce) and spam emails from your recipients list.

So that next time when your emails will be sent, bounced & spam emails addresses will be auto filtered out.

Follow these steps:

Step : 1   click on “Setting after then click on Webhooks” option.

Fetch bounce email by Mandrill

Step : 2   click on “Add a Webhook” Button.

Fetch bounce email by Mandrill

Step : 3  check “Message is Bounced & Message is Marked As Spam” then Enter “Post To URl” which will be provide by Mailget  then enter “Description” after then click on “Create Webhook” Button.


Get this Post To URL Link

Step : 4  After then confirmation will be display “Webhook successfully saved“.


Conclusion: –

Hope this blog will explain you a clear and simple procedure to generate Mandrill API Key. Must create a Mandrill API Key and use it in your application for sending emails. You can share your views in the space given below.