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Nowadays if the marketing & promotion strategy is proficient, the business will grow exponentially. Online marketing has varieties of features by which you can launch the marketing & promotion campaign for any organization.

MailGet Bolt – email marketing service has the wide range of features by which marketing for the organization will be a piece of cake for you.

MailGet Bolt is capable of sending the bulk emails to the customers, which results in elevating the number of potential customers, after some time.

High ROI (Return On Investment)

The main focus of any organization is to achieve maximum profit in minimum investment, that what it’s called ROI. MailGet Bolt will provide a top-class service by which you can get the very high ROI in minimum time by sending bulk emails because here you don’t have to send a single email instead of, here you can send 1 email to multiple lists and customers, so this is how your ROI will enhance.

Schedule Bulk Emails By Drip Campaigns

Now plan your emails to a specific time and date by drip campaigns. Build an email by using drip campaign, set the time and save settings. Now this email has prepared to be sent on the right time, to the right person.

You can set up the whole thing again for another email. this is how you can schedule the bulk of emails to send to the audience with any human interruptions.

Increase Conversion Rates

The lower the emails you send, lower the people will read it. Now send the emails in bulk so that the marketing & promotion strategy covers a wide range of customers.

As the number of customers is high, conversion rates will hike up, resulting in an increase in sale.    

Reaches Prospect At Low Cost

This responsive email marketing software offers low pricing affordable plans for sending the bulk emails to customers. It even cost much lower because, when you send bulk emails and customer read it, it’s a conversion for you. Later on, it can be your potential customer and can bring you more sales than one month plan.

So it’s a perfect plan for any organization to send bulk emails as the representative of the firm and elevate sales easily.

Target Bulk Audience By Contact List segmentation Feature

Here we have a brilliant feature of MailGet Bolt by which you can make different segments of the contact list and divide it into so many parts. Now can send an email to all of them just by selecting the right contact list. if you don’t want to send an email to a certain list, just exclude it.

Here are some examples of the contact list such as –

1. Subscriber List

2. Spam Contact List

3. Potential Customers List

Build Profitable Relationship With Customers

Give a feel of affinity to your customers by automatically sending bulk emails. Set up drip campaigns with the scheduling emails, use auto responder and other best features to start sending emails in bulk. By sending this much emails, you can definitely build the trust of customers and turn them into effective buyers in a hustle free manner.


Here We Have Some Additional Features Of MailGet Bolt

-> Auto Responder

-> Email Tracking

-> Auto Follow Up

-> Attractive Email Builder

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Basic Text Editor
  • Custom Code Editor
  • Theme Templates

-> Add Subscription Forms

-> User Amiable Dashboard

-> Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

-> 500+ Inbuilt Theme Templates

-> All Time Support Via Email

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