Captcha Script In PHP – Stop Email Spam On Contact Form

How to stop email spam on contact form

PHP CAPTCHA script is clean, customizable secured and mobile friendly script. It generates complex images, patterns and codes that will protect your forms from spam activity.

This script includes different types of captcha from generating CAPTCHA code to visual pattern or image validations.

It is a plug and play script that can easily apply to your forms to protect it from spam.

Types of CAPTCHA You Will Get:-

Google Captcha:- 

The script includes Google Captcha. It is mostly used by developers in there applications. So you can apply this block of script in your app.

Maths Captcha:-

This maths captcha script perform addition operation. Using it you can allow user to verify their human identity by performing calculation.

Drag And Drop Captcha:-

This script use drag and drop functionality i.e. user need to verify themselves by arranging the given image via drag and drop.

Captcha With Pattern Matching

In pattern matching script user have to draw the same pattern as show in the captcha image.

Captcha Having Icons

For icon captcha user needs to select the icon image that is been asked to validate human identity.

Key Features:-

  • Plug and play script
  • Use of jQuery UI
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comes up with different style and color


Captcha Script

NOTE: Script once purchased, then no refund would be done in anycase.
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