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Computer Education Email Marketing Service

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Computer Education Email Marketing Service is one of the best marketing tools to promote computer science education.

As we all know computer education is on the priority list of students, due to the growing market needs.

So, this is the right time to educate and advertise people about computer education courses that you institute offers.

This is an advanced email marketing service which helps you do active promotion of different types of computer courses that are taught at your institute.

Computer Education Email Marketing Service For Software & Hardware Classroom

Schedule Drip Campaign For Effective Classroom Marketing

Schedule email marketing campaigns to promote different types of computer courses worldwide. Drip campaign facility allows delivering pre-drafted emails at specific date & time automatically.   

Some of the major benefits of this facility are as follows: –

  • You can trigger emails on a timely basis and target students from other time zones as well.
  • Helps to overcome the manual email marketing headache as it is fully automatic facility.
  • Reuse the same content and email templates to attract different audience.

Start Instant Email Marketing Of Your Institute With Regular Campaign

Computer education email marketing service also offers regular email campaign feature using which you can commence an email campaign immediately. Just need to follow the steps: –

  • Create an attractive email using the different email building options
  • Add the email contact list of computer students whom you want to inform.
  • Start sending emails and promoting your computer institute instantly.

Track The Actions On The Mails Delivered

Email tracking is a premium feature of this marketing tool as it permits to monitor and analyze the success rate of classroom promotional email campaigns.

Using this feature you can track user activities on the delivered emails like

  • Total amount of emails delivered of a particular campaign
  • Number of opened and accessed emails by the students.
  • Track down the unsubscribed users
  • Clicks received on links defined in the emails.

Some Exclusive Facilities Of Computer Education Email Marketing Service

Import Bulk Email Contacts

Using this feature you can add multiple email contacts in the marketing software. Large list of email addresses of students can be uploaded using any file with CSV format and details can be imported form it.

Cost-Effective Bulk Email Marketing

An affordable means to do bulk email promotion of your computer institute and its different courses. We offer a number of price plans which will fill the needs of every advertisement plan.

Auto Follow-Up Facility

This email marketing platform has premium auto follow-up facility using which you can automate the follow-up procedure. Just have to draft an email and it will be delivered to every new registration or user subscription done immediately.

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Computer Education Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Service For Computer Education

  • Mail Campaign Search Bar
  • Various Email Builders
  • 99% Inbox Delivery
  • Auto Follow-Up
  • Latest Reporting Facility
  • Multiple Price Plans
  • Bulk Import Of Email Contacts
  • Live Customer Support
  • Drip Email Campaign
  • Design Responsive Emails
  • Email Tracking System
  • Easy To Use Dashboard
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