In 2022-16 alone, the education industry had an average email opening rate of around 19.26%. Which means that reaching the clients via emails is a paramount way to grow the business.

While the social network is a dominant platform of communication for most millennials, students still trust email for formal correspondence with schools & colleges.

Following are the major goals which can be achieved by a proper email marketing tool:

  • Determine the target audience according to their educational needs
  • Compose email templates, newsletters  & send them in bulk.
  • It’s effective & affordable with ROI being 40X the money invested.
  • Message retention rate by the user is more than any other promotional way.

To help schools, universities & teaching institutes find an apt software, here is a collection of 11+ best education email marketing services.

Note: All of them are built using a functional email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing Software For Colleges & Academic Institutions

Inform the new enrollments of your college & all the potential academic appliers about the different courses through informative email templates. Send these e-templates & text emails in bulk using this email marketing software without any need of external SMTP.

This tool guarantees a 99% email inbox delivery, thus helping to build up a recognition value of the emails.

Educational Email Marketing Services

Features Of College Email Marketing Service

  • With the drag & drop builder, easily create templates & newsletters for informing the students & parents about the academic facilities.
  • Maintain a huge & clean list of contacts, as this tool gives you complete information about the spam, bounced & unsubscribed email Ids.
  • Calendar the emails according to your convenience & requirements such as new admission schedule, details of upcoming academic sessions, etc.

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2. Email Marketing Service For Vocational Training Schools

Promote the training & employment courses being provided at your vocational institution among all the trainees & admission seekers via emails. With the handy email builder, create templates for featuring the trainers, school interiors along with text & links.

To start building up emailing list, you just have to import the contacts manually or upload a CSV file. Supervise a huge database with the powerful list management functionality.

Email Marketing Service For Vocational Training Schools

Elements Of Email Marketing Software For Vocational Institutions

  • Provide the subscribers & clients with exactly what they need, by properly classifying them into groups using contact segmentation feature.
  • Plan the bulk email campaign, either regular or drip, so that the emails are delivered at the most fruitful time.
  • All the emails templates sent with this email marketing software are completely responsive in nature.

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3. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Education Hubs

Bring in maximum enrollments for your education hub with this top-class email marketing solution. You can use the drag & drop builder, compose your own templates using HTML & CSS codes or just send text emails in bulk.

With the autoresponder function, provide a 24*7 communication to the students & other clients. Keep a pre-written set of emails to be delivered according to the user’s actions.

Email Marketing Service For Educational Hubs

Key Features Of Educational Hubs Email Marketing Service

  • Inform the students about your training skills & classes in a systematic manner via drip emails which get automatically triggered at the set date & time.
  • The email tracking feature will help you to regularly analyze the success & failure rates of the email campaigns.
  • Send the educational hub’s promotion emails with personalized tags.

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4. Kids Academy Email Marketing Software

Reach out the parents of toddlers who are looking out for academies to admit their kids through emails. This email marketing software is specially designed for kindergartens, kids academies, play schools & all alike ventures.

They can send bulk promotional emails regarding new admissions, play school facilities to the subscribers & clients. Schedule the emails to be sent at a time when the recipients are most likely to engage with it.

Email Marketing Service For Kids Academy

Features Of Pre-Schools Email Marketing Service

  • With the email builder create informative email templates or with the custom code editor design your own template layout.
  • Send auto-follow-up emails to those contacts who have not opened the emails for the first time.
  • Keep a track of the emails, their opening, clicking and bounce rates.

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5. Email Marketing Tool For Multi-Language Institutions

Teaching multiple languages is a really backbreaking task and involving time-consuming promotional methods to advertise the coaching will add further to this hassle. Use this top-class email marketing tool to send thousands of emails to your potential client base.

Inform them about the various languages that are taught at your institute with illustrative e-templates. With the email preview option, have a look at the email before it hits the client’s inbox.

Email Marketing Service For Multi-Language Schools

Features Of Multi-Language Classes Email Marketing Service

  • Send personalized emails to the contacts, as this will give them a sense of recognition & increase the chances of email opening.
  • Frame email templates & layouts to display the language trainers & other facilities.
  • The email automation functionalities like autoresponder & drips are a perfect medium to build a fruitful relationship with the clients.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Play Schools

Promote your play school amidst a wide orbit of an audience with the help of emails. You can create email templates, send them in bulk & track them on a regular basis. Collect the leads by embedding subscription forms on different high-profile websites.

The collection of contacts of the parents of tiny tots in not enough for a successful email marketing campaign. Effective management is equally important to get the desired results. This software will help you do so in a very hustle-free manner.

Email Marketing Service For Play Schools

Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Nursery Academies

  • To reduce the chances of the emails being marked as spam by the user, provide an unsubscribe handle in the email body.
  • The dashboard displays the email opening, clicking & unopened rates.
  • All the templates & emails sent by you are saved in the dashboard for future purposes.

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7. Email Marketing For Computer Education Centers

Due to the growing digital connections, the demand for computer education has equally increased. If you are running a computer class, then reach out all the aspirants through this email marketing channel.

Send instructive templates, text emails to hundreds of admission seekers with this tool and using the integrated Google Analytics, keep an eye on the performance of the email campaigns.

Email Marketing Service For Computer Centers

Traits Of Computer Classes Email Marketing Service

  • Pre-schedule a series of emails, which will automatically get delivered on the set date & time.
  • Import the contacts manually or simply upload a CSV file to create as many lists of contacts as desired.
  • The templates sent via this email marketing service fit into any screen size.

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8. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Schools

Help parents & students in choosing the best school for themselves by sending them email templates about your school. This will provide them a deeper knowledge about your institution & by adding links in the templates, drive them straight to the school’s site.

Because of the email tracking feature, the dashboard gives complete information about the spam, bounced, unsubscribed, email opening rates and much more.

Email Marketing Service For Schools

Elements Of School Email Marketing Software

  • With the handy email builder, you can create variant kinds of email templates for your school.
  • Build up lists of contacts of the students according to the courses & grades they are looking for.
  • Hike up the email opening rates by using impactful subject lines, along with personalized tags.

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9. Email Marketing Service For Educational Institutions

To make your educational institute a brand, you can use this email marketing service and send mass emails to prospects. You can create email templates by custom code editor or the drag-n-drop builder. These e-templates are an effective way to promote the commencing batches, duration of courses, fee structure, etc.

Implant email signup forms on your website and on other high-profile networks to fetch the leads from everywhere. Manage these leads with the list segmentation feature & provide them the exact information they are looking for.

Email Marketing Service For Educational Institutions

Elements Of Educational Center Email Marketing Software

  • Keep a channel of constant communication with your clients through email automation feature like drips & autoresponder.
  • The dashboard of this software provides data regarding the email opening, clicking, bounced rates.
  • All the email templates sent with this tool are completely responsive in nature.

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10. Universities Email Marketing Solution Provider

Colleges, educational academies, universities should go for email marketing to inform their students & prospects about their institution. This will help them to target the right audience with the right message and at the most appropriate time. Send them educational newsletters & templates on a time to time basis.

Schedule the emails to be sent later according to the educational sessions & curriculum activities. This email marketing software promises a high email inbox delivery, thus building up a brand value.

Email Marketing Service For Universities

Attributes Of Email Marketing For Universities

  • Pre-schedule a series of emails to be sent in a systematic manner and at fixed time intervals.
  • With the email tracking analytics, measure the success rates of email campaigns to see what exactly works for the clients.
  • You can create multiple contact lists & classify them into different categories.

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11. Email Marketing Service For Medical Training Schools

Email marketing is one top-class solution for promoting any kind of educational school, may it be medical college. This software is specially designed for medical training institutes. The user-friendly dashboard makes email creation & sending them in bulk way more easier.

Attach subscription forms on your website & link them with autoresponders to nurture the leads right from the moment of their subscription.

Email Marketing Service For Medical Training Schools

Features Of Medical Institutes Email Marketing Software

  • Increase engagement with the medical professionals by sending them same emails which they have not opened in the first time via the auto-follow-up feature.
  • The easy to work email builder tools make the process of email templates & newsletters composing an easy one.
  • Employ any of the regular or drip campaign to deliver the emails according to the business needs.

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12. Email Marketing For Medical & Veterinary Colleges

Reach all the medical aspirants who are looking for an authentic medical college via their emails. Send them illustrative e-templates featuring your team of medical professors, facilities at the medical college and much more.

Dispatch the emails instantly or schedule them to be sent later. Track them on a regular basis with the Google Analytics & resend the emails to those contacts who have not opened the emails in the previous campaign.

Email Marketing Service For Medical Colleges

Elements Of Medical College Email Marketing Service

  • The email templates sent with this email marketing service can be viewed from any device, as it fits into any screen size.
  • With the list management & contact segmentation facility, you can manage a large database easily.
  • Easily attach personal names in each of the emails without the need of personally editing every email. & preview them before it hits the client’s inbox.

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Emails were, are & will always be the most trust-worthy channel of communication, when it comes to taking admission in any educational institute. Hence, it becomes equally important for educational universities to promote their institutions via emails.

Hope this roundup on email marketing services has helped you to find a perfect software for bulk email sending to thousands of contacts. By using MailGet Bolt you can plan the email marketing strategy right from zero. Just login here & begin the whole process.

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