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It’s a great feeling for the farmer when he sees the sown seeds becomes a great tree and bear fruits.

As the farmer nurture its crops exactly you also have to do with perfect drip campaign to raise your business profit.

As may aware that the term “ drip” arises from the farming practice of drip irrigation.

It allows you to nurture, educate, convert the new leads so that your business can be transformed into brand.

What Is Drip Marketing Campaign?

This is also known by other names – lifecycle emails & marketing automation.

It’s an automated process which triggered the series of emails to the leads at right time with the right information to move them through the sales cycle. The delivery schedule will specify by you.

“You Can Start Your Irresistible Drip Marketing Campaign With Next Generation Advanced Email Marketing Software i.e MailGet Bolt.”

Various Types Of Drip Marketing Campaign Performed With MailGet Bolt

Educational Drip – Educational drips provides the all necessary details which need to purchased.

This drip helps leads to knowing the all important work has to be done for the admission protocol.

This types of emails can be sent to those who likes to attend the webinars or reads e-books.

Offer Drip – These drips can be utilized to send the promotional offers of SALE during the festive season or on any auspicious day.

It grabs the user attention in quick time which compels the users to land on your web page.

Training Drips – Training drips can be used on the new leads or clients to make aware of the latest service or products.

It is very compulsory to educate your clients about the usage of your product for them.

Re-Engagement Drips – This drip is used by MailGet Bolt to make the colder leads/clients again interested in your service. You can easily win back to them with drip marketing.

Cross Selling Drips – It’s very important for the marketing strategy to make the clients motivated to make more purchasing. It adds more value to your services.

More Email Automation Features Of MailGet Bolt Platform

Apart from the Drip Campaign feature, MailGet Bolt is equipped with the additional qualities which are implanted to serve you the best experience of email marketing.

Autoresponder – It may get the idea about this feature as the word “Auto” represent it works automatically.

The function of the Autoresponder is that it sends the automated welcomes emails to those who register themselves on your website for fresh updates or alert.

Auto Follow Up – This feature makes sure that every delivered email should be opened in order to achieve this it sends the emails again to those who missed viewing the emails automatically after a certain time.

Create Stunning Email Template With Email Builder – Template grabs the user attention quickly and also provide more information. You can do this task with the easy drag & drop function through which template can be crafted within a moment.

Additional Important Accessories Of MailGet Bolt Software

>  Responsive Design

> Affordable prices

> User-Friendly Dashboard

> Free Updates

> Allow Bulk Email Marketing

> Deliver Sensational Look On Every Devices

> Import Contacts

> Categorize The Contacts

> Real Time Analysis Of Sent Emails

Drip Email Marketing Sales

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