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Promote Your Real Estate Valuation Service Among Buyers By Sending Bulk Emails Via This Email Marketing Software

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Want to give worthy advice to people who are planning to buy a property?

But not able to find a proper channel to impart your real estate valuation service among people in a very cost-effective way?

Here we provide the best channel i.e. MailGet Bolt – email marketing service for real estate valuation agencies. It helps in generating potential leads, which can be converted into profitable deals via emails.

Email marketing software through which a real estate valuation service can send bulk emails containing valuable information to buyers.

Bulk Emails – Insight Property View From Estate Valuation Service

Send emails containing overall market details related to properties fundamentals and its competitors via this top email marketing service:

  • Regular Campaigns can be used by real estate valuation service in order to impart any property related information immediately to its contacts.
  • Drip Campaign allows to provide information in a regular interval of time in a pre-schedule manner. This trait sets a real estate valuation service free by enabling them to pre-schedule their emails containing property related information.

Craft Multiple Emails By Email Builder – To Give Exact Property Value

A real estate valuation service provider knows the value of slight decrease or increase in the value of the property may lead to a loss of income of investor as well as of owners. So this email marketing software helps in creating information-oriented emails via:-

  • Drag And Drop Email Builder: Design email templates for imparting reality images and related information, provide heading and text with your choice of color. Keep images at the place where it suits your requirements. This email builder tool is 100% responsive in nature.
  • Basic Text Editor: Send basic text emails via this text editor. Inform all your contacts about the competitors, overall market of property at present and which property buying holds profit on their behalf.
  • Custom Code Editor: For sending emails of any house valuation news by writing own HTML codes or one can also copy it from another source.

Track Down Emails To Generate Potential Buyers of Property

As a real estate valuation service, it very important to track down sent emails. By doing so you can see the status of emails in real time. Email Tracking let you know:

  • Email opening rates.
  • Clicked rate.
  • Unsubscribed rate.

Note: MailGet Bolt also allows you to track emails in wider aspects with the help of Google analytics one can actually trace all information regarding recipients’ behavior towards the email campaigns.

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