MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For 3D Printing Services & Digital Drawing Business

Use Email Marketing To Show The World Complex Three-Dimensional Designs & Prototypes You Can Build

Mailget Bolt – Email Marketing For 3d Printing Services

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3D Printing & Digital Drawing business has a fast and rapidly growing market all around the world. As 3D prototypes are in great demand these days.

If you own a business that builds 3D prototypes for aviation, medical needs, design custom art & sample structures and has all the latest model designing equipment.

But still, struggle to make profits even by investing a lot.

Then you should go for MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Tool For 3D Printing Services which will help you advertise 3D printing business by sending responsive emails to customers.

Following are some sample emails that you can send to old, new, dormant and proposed customers

  • Send Mails Like “Give Your Virtual Model A Physical Appearance With Our 3D Printing service”
  • Attractive Their Attention With “Get 3D Designs To Provide Correct Visuals Of Your Designs “
  • Send Exclusive Offer Details and Discount To Regular Customers

Facilities That You Get With Email Marketing For 3D Printing Services & Digital Drawing Business

Bulk Email Campaigns: – Conduct email marketing campaigns to give a massive boost to your 3D printing business by sending customized bulk messages to customers all around the world.

Cost-Effective: – This is an economical means to promote your 3D designing & printing business at a cost which is comparatively lower than any other marketing techniques.

Track Your Mail: – Tracking user activities like opens, clicks, conversion tracking, domain analytics & more to help your 3D printing business grow.

Additional Graphical Amenities Of Email Marketing For 3D Printing Services

Different email builder option to create premium and responsive emailers for 3D printing promotional services.

  • The Drag & Drop is the easiest way to create emails that hold media images and formatted text to attract 3D printing customer.
  • With the Text Editor, you can send plain text emails which do not require any images or special formatting.
  • Custom Code Editor is an advanced option in which you can put HTML code in your emails. HTML code will help you fetch contact names and other details for contact list.

Upload user contacts and monitor their actions taken on emails sent to them  

  • Unsubscribe List: – See the users who have unsubscribed your advertising emails and remove them from the campaign list.
  • Spam List: – Point out the email contacts in which your 3D printing services promotional emails are landing in the spam.
  • Import Contact List: – You can import email contacts and feed them on MailGet Bolt just by putting contact names and email addresses in a CSV file the format of which is available in the software.

Email Marketing For 3D Printing Services & Digital Drawing Business

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