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This is the world of fortune and people will never stop looking for someone who can read the horoscope exactly.

If you are the one, then you’ll need a huge promotion and marketing to let people know that, yes there is one fortune teller who’ll never let you down.

Nowadays marketing and promotions are too costly but we have a cheaper marketing tool which is MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Horoscope Readers & Fortune Tellers.

With MailGet Bolt, you can send bulk emails to your horoscope customers and can tell them about their fortune in email’s inbox.

Benefits: –

  • You don’t have to go each house to tell them about their fortune
  • Customer’s don’t have to come at your house because fortune is in their inbox.
  • Save your and customer’s time.

Send Daily Horoscope Emails To Your Customers With Personalized Tags:-

It feels good when you read your name in email subject lists, feel like someone is sending emails who is very known to you.

You can burn up this feel in your customers too by using personalized tags in your daily horoscope detail email.


Hi {first name last name},

How Are You Doing Today,

Here Is Your Today’s Fortune…

Send Pre-Scheduled Horoscope Details To Your Customers With drip Campaign:-

Prepare for better tomorrow with drip campaigns, write an email and schedule it for next date, when the time comes, it’ll automatically be sent to the respective customers. All you have to do is set the date and time details.


  • Customer will get daily horoscope details, even when you were not there.
  • This campaign will save your time, this how you can concentrate on plenty of customers.
  • You can easily schedule weekly and monthly horoscope by drip campaigns.

Build An Eye-Catching Email Template For Your Fortune Readers:-

MailGet Bolt’s email builder is best for making templates on horoscope reading because it has the images text pattern by which you can create a perfect horoscope template.

Templates created by this email builder are creative, easy to build and attractive.


  • You can represent all 12 Zodiac and daily horoscope in images text format.
  • You can add links to your website on the template.
  • You can add a call to action button on a template by which your horoscope customers can contact you directly.

Provide A Follow Up To Your Horoscope Readers By Auto Follow Up Feature:-

What if customer forgot to saw his horoscope email..?

Don’t have to worry, just use auto follow up feature and send that mail again in just one click to them who didn’t open up in first time.


  • As people start reading your horoscope emails, open up rates will increase.
  • After reading if anyone wants to know more, they’ll contact you. This is how conversation rates will increase.
  • Saves your quality time of making the template again.

MailGet Bolt has few other important features:-

  • Email tracking – Track down your email, who opened it, who unsubscribed it, everything will be on your screen.
  • Auto Responder – It is an automatic feature to send an email to your customer but it works immediately. You can not schedule it.


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