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Artists Can Now Promote & Make More Money Through Email Marketing

Artists can be in various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance. I am sure creative people will agree that any form of art is something to be appreciated. A painting, a drawing, music or an article, trigger certain emotions in people. Depending on how strongly they feel that emotion, the better are the chances of people appreciating that art.

Despite an intuitive talent some artists fail to get that recognition and attention by audiences. Getting recognition for your artwork & talent is so much more than being a good or a great artist. It takes some business skills, some marketing and a ton of patience.

Today to promote & engage public instead of Facebook, twitter, and other social media artists are now adopting Email Marketing which is indeed a smarter way to get close to people, get recognized & make money.

Enhance Your Art With Email Marketing

You yourself can best market and express your vision & art to the public. Promote by sending stunning email templates and get paid for your talent and work.

If people don’t mind getting emails then why are your stepping back to convey your messages? People almost love to see emails if they are interested in and they act quickly if something hits them. And when next time you mail them they will be proactive to revert you back.

Send regular email templates and campaigns to your targeted audiences like music artists can target music lovers and general audiences. Similarly, a painter can target people interested in art and calligraphy. Photographers can target photo lovers or people in need of photographers for their wedding/bday/events/concerts etc.

Increase Your Profits And Users Interaction Through Email Marketing

The truth is many businesses simply haven’t realized the power of email marketing. But some of them are doing excels with implementing email marketing in their business. Now, how will you make profits – you only have to concentrate on sending a nice precise and magnetic content in your emails.

Take for example – an automotive design expert can make huge money by sitting in his chair doing nothing but just sending in bulk emails to the car lovers or designers or car modifiers. By sending just a simple mail to see what all is happening –

Mail – “Get Best Graffiti Designs In Your Car In Just $60”

  • First – you are branding your business & increasing visibility
  • Second – engaging more n more customers to your business directly
  • Third – suppose you have mailed to 1000 subscribers. Out of 1000 if 50% of them are interested, they will go nowhere but pay you immediately to hire your services.

Creating profit, without spending any money, is something that every serious business will take into consideration.

Give Right Information At The Right Time – never miss a chance to grab even a single lead

Artists through drip emailing can set their marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. An automated drip campaign help artists get relevant information to targeted readers and convert them into customers.

Send a series of follow-up emails to your customers, clients & dealers. Many times customers skip some important events and emails that you have sent them earlier. To keep your customer updated and active artists can use drip emailing as reminders to inform your customers about any events, camps, news & any sales specific events etc.

So, now you might have got an idea to what all you can do implementing email marketing in your business. Start today so that you don’t miss any further opportunities and do share us your success stories 🙂

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