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Why Startups Are Using Email Marketing To Accelerate Their Business

The answer is email marketing is an affordable, pocket-friendly communication & advertising media. Email communication is considered as the fastest & easiest way to communicate your message and helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or brand recognition.

What do a startup, entrepreneurs and new ventures need – a quick visibility and a handful of resources to run a business? Earlier options available for entrepreneurs were to hire an advertising agency for quick promotions and branding. But this did not work for the low budget startups & entrepreneurs, as to meet the cost of heavy advertisements was just not possible.

This was the major reason when startups began to shift their focus to Email Marketing. Look to much more such benefits of email marketing that will help you to make huge money by investing a very less amount

  • Email marketing is targeted
  • Increases brand awareness for new ventures & startups
  • Immediate call to action
  • Startups & entrepreneurs can easily track their emails and resend them to grab leads
  • Cost effective & fastest mode of communicating with your clients & customers

Design & Create Beautiful Email Templates For Promotions & Advertising – save your money

Startups or entrepreneurs know well about their business and workings. You can best advertise yourself & business to attract more customers and clients to your business. So start designing your email templates with drag & drop email builder. You can upload appealing images, choose multiple colors and insert a link to redirect visitors to any article or web page.

Send regular email templates to keep buyers and customers engage in your businesses and services. If you keep your message precise and relevant you will definitely get a good amount of response to your mail.

Email template examples – “We are the new services providers of entertainment industry” Or “Hire our world class services and get discount of 50% – Grab it now”

 Segment Your contact List Into Targeted Groups – saves time & efforts to do targeted marketing

Customer & client’s data is the asset of the company and startups. Most of the businesses could not match up to the required sufficient clients needed to keep up the business, as a result, they fall up in the winding up positions. To keep your business going you need to categorize your dealers.

Benefit startups get with a categorize list is you can do bulk emailing to your list of subscribers, email lists get 20 times higher conversions than social media campaigns, you can send targeted emails according to the interest of your list of subscribers.

The list can be segmented as – Political Organizations, Engineers-Professional, Insurance, Accountants, Convention & Meetings, Non-Profit Organizations etc.

Automate your business through email autoresponders – stay top of mind

Email autoresponder lets startups build solid client relationships.If you are consistently sending someone valuable information to your dealers it is hard for them to walk away.

The core of all marketing is that you reach out and engage your potential & new customers. By keeping in regular touch customers get to know, like and trust you then only they will buy anything from you or refer a friend to you about your services.

Examples of autoresponder – send emails to your new customers like “20% Off on your first purchase- Your coupon expires in 48 hrs”

Or, online shopping business can set emails from – “Thank you for ordering the product” To “Thank you for shopping” and “Your order is shipped & on its way” etc.

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