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Being an author, publisher, writer or a novelist you all dream to be recognized by the not just handful of peoples but by millions. Now to promote a book, article or publish a write up what can be done – give to the publishing houses or self-publish it through websites.

Most of the authors go for established websites through which they promote and archive their work. But websites sometimes fails to gain the visibility among audiences. It may be difficult for researchers, readers to locate, especially if there are many similar sites.

More such demerit of a website is author may not be present when others are retrieving information like reading your article or any write ups there is no opportunity to ask questions or have things explained in greater detail etc.

To overcome all these issues authors can now move to more advanced means of communicating i.e, Email Marketing.  

Email marketing let authors easily and quickly reach target readers & market without the need for large quantities of print space, television, radio or high production costs. It is the fastest, easiest & affordable communication media that help you communicate directly with each of your subscribers or your readers.

Know how authors, journalists, publishers & writers can make a handsome profit and maximum visibility through email marketing via MailGet Bolt.

Send Beautiful Email Templates To Your Regular Readers –

You have published some hot news today, so why not grab your readers attention towards it. 🙂 With email marketing, there is so much you can do to keep your readers engaged with your news stuff. Authors can self-design beautiful email campaigns & templates about your hot news, weekly released magazines, articles, etc.

Your readers may forget your name if they only see it once or twice, but if they continually receive an email from you, they will start to remember and recognize it.

Keep Your List Of Subscribers Ready – To shoot any mail giving information regarding your new write ups Or recently launched novels and more

With email marketing list management you can keep your list of subscribers ready & well organized. If you have ready to use contact list or email addresses of readers, then within few click you can send in emails in bulk. Keep a separate list of types of readers so that you mail them according to their interest & needs. So, action, start building your email list today & grow your reader community, boost your author business and sell more books.

Take for example –

Your list can be segmented as

  • Friction lovers
  • Romantic story lovers
  • action, adventure,  mystery, horror & travel lovers

Keep In Continuous That Energy & Excitement By Sending A series Of Mails – before launching a new novel or book

Readers are very excited when they wait for any sequel magazines, novels or book. Authors can keep this interest and suspense going by sending a series of automated emails to their readers. These emails can contain a short part of the story Or you can offer any tempting bonus content to your readers.

Take for example – “Releasing Sequel Of Fairy Tale Story” Or “Get 25% discount to book first Copy For My Novel”

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