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Event organizers kinda business needs a lot of promoting & advertising. This is because to organize and engage a large crowd concert promotion & branding is essential. Events can be conducted for any reasons say for – Donations, or for the party, for organizing a function or music concerts etc.

Now to arrange an event what all is required –

  • Venue management – talk to different hotel managers or ground rental owners(rush every day & hour with more of telephonic conversations)
  • Entertainment arrangements
  • Publicity – through TV’s, radio, flyers and pamphlets etc (a lot of heavy investments is made)
  • sponsors – finding who all will sponsor the event (every day in search of good sponsors)

Is that your list discussed above for setting an arrangement of a successful event?

Well, I can see probably you are going through a whole big process in which I am sure a lot of time & energy must be consumed.

Now check my list of setting up a successful event –

  • Venue management – send a single mail to owners of event space rentals, entertainment arrangements
  • Publicity – designed & send a beautiful email template to spread awareness in all audiences
  • sponsors – drafted a content template Or mail for interested sponsors

Surprised without wasting my much time and money how can I make such quick arrangements? It’s all because of implementing Email Marketing in my business.

Email marketing is the fastest and cheapest & affordable growing communication & advertising media than any other media market outside.

We have a powerful tool MailGet Bolt which assist you to enhance your email marketing services & also lets you create send and organize email templates to your targeted audiences but also helps you build brand recognition and customers trust.

Event organizers with email marketing can more send emails for advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Know More What All Can Be Done With Email Marketing –

Event organizers now organize your address book with email list management feature –

A segmented list can be of great use to you while arranging or organizing an event. If you have a ready to mail list of subscribers there will be no loop holes while you are contacting. A particular or similar group of people will receive similar mail as to others in the list. With email list management you can manage your bounce and unsubscribes.

Benefits of an organized contact list –

  • Better management – event organizers can easily target their audiences
  • Time saving – avoid filtering your contact book again n again, let email list management do it all for you
  • 99% of mail delivery – you can be assured that your mails are reaching to the targeted inboxes, without a delivery failure notice

Conduct a link building outreach of your great event – Through Drip Emailing

Use drip emailing to send a series of follow-up emails to your audiences or communal. You can also use drip emailing as reminders to inform your audiences or participants about their event dates, venues, timings and more. Keep your communal involve and engage to your upcoming events and get reverts of your follow up process. Drip emailing can also be used to send Thank you mails to your audiences.

Event organizers, sponsors can use Drip emailing as –

  • Send an email notifying a link to view the party photos or videos
  • Send an email – to take a quick recap of the event night
  • Send an email – to give a special offer like 10% off coupon for the upcoming events etc.

Track your mails and see who all reacted to your event email campaigns –

Event organizers can start tracking all your sent emails using Email Tracking feature of MailGet(email marketing service) and evaluate your campaign performance. Email tracking can very useful for event owners like they can – Depicting a clear picture of what works best for their audiences and communal and why Or can easily find out the weak points and tweak every message for better performance and better results.

If you are about to organize an event and unaware of your guest list then you’ll be making thousands of mistakes in arrangements of your guest. To avoid these consequences

MailGet(email marketing service)follows the best email tracking mechanism

Event organizers can now keep an eye or estimate on their mailing activities –

  • Sent: keep a track of total number of emails sent i.e, email delivery tracking
  • Opened: how many sent emails were opened by the recipients i.e. tracking email opens
  • Clicked: how many times the links have been clicked i.e. email link tracking
  • Unsubscribed: how many recipients have unsubscribed to the mail sent

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