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To begin things with, we believe that you guys are the best band, musicians or orchestra unit of your city. Currently, you might be busy touring different cities or making your soothing music.

Because of this hasty and busy routine, you often forget various important tasks such as updating your fans about your new tour dates and music promotion. This results in the great loss of money and fan following.

Don’t be worried as we are providing you a service – MailGet Bolt, focusing on email marketing for bands and musicians.

This email marketing tool is cheap, easy to use, multi-functional and time-saving which ensures you to focus on your rehearsals without having to worry about spending a lot of time on the offline marketing i.e. newspaper ads, billboards, etc..

Ways In Which Email Marketing Will Enhance Your Musical Career & Business.

Just like every member of your orchestra or band is a master of their instruments, your music will spread its magic if the complete group is performing together. 

Same is the case with MailGet Bolt which comprises of simple, easy to use, yet highly efficient functionalities that would empower your band and musical career ->

#1 Drag & Drop Email Building For Your Concert’s Advertisement

It’s quite clear that musicians aren’t fluent with computers as compared to their musical instruments. This shortcoming may result in improper email content and consequently will lead to your fan following demise.

Through this email marketing tool, you can construct your emails by dragging & placing the required fields in the content. Image, text, 2 column image-text, etc are some field you can use. It will also take care of your social status by providing multiple social networking icons in email template.

#2 Classy Email Templates Instead Of Flyers

Designing a flyer or pamphlet is a quite hectic task and to add more to it, you would have to later get those out for printing and distribution.

Now you get to reduce this burdening task by working and saving your promotional art in the form of e-templates. The email marketing scheme not only permits you to save these templates online, but you can also use a relevant subject line for those saved email templates. Cloning your saved work for different campaigns is also an exclusive option to lessen the workload.

#3 Provide A Medium For Fans To Join Your Community Through Sign-Up Form

A musical performer or band like yours is often recognized worldwide because of your music and fan following. There’s no way you would settle for limited support.

Hence to expand your entourage, MailGet Bolt has added a functionality of sign-up form that enables you to improve your emailing list. Since every person has different music taste, you can give multiple options of musical genre in your subscription form by which you will be able to segment your audience and notify separately about your special music genre event to the corresponding enthusiasts.

#4 Strengthen Your Musical Bond With Fans Via Auto Responder & Personalized Tags

It’s the dying wish of every single fan that they get to interact with their beloved band or musicians. But because of your busy and restless lives, you fail to get in touch with them.

Imagine how overwhelmingly emotional will be your fans when they receive frequent email from you with the help of drip emailing feature integrated in this email marketing service. All you need to do is set a date/time on your email campaigns and see your email being sent automatically.

Also to add a little more personal touch, email marketing for bands can use few personalized tags (like firstname tag) in the email body. This feature makes a fan loyal and intensifies the bond between both of you.

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