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How effectively your charities, NGOs, and non-Profitable Organizations are operating?

With the fast degradation of our planet, only a few organizations and personnel come forth with the prime motive to protect the Earth. Some of them include charities and NGOs like you.

But the major complication a charity face is the lack of proper communication channel with their potential supporters.

To your relief, MailGet Bolt is providing an effective email marketing strategy which will be viable in combating this issue.

In order to strengthen your charitable trust, this email marketing scheme packs a lot of powerful features like easy email template designing, personalized tags & google analytics.

With the help of some other notable features, you can –

1. Spread Your Charitable Organization’s Aim & Earn Support Via Responsive E-Templates

With the help of this email marketing strategy, you can easily build an email template focusing on the required campaign or global issues. In addition to this amazing feature, you also get to customize the template’s background colors, text, images, etc.

This can be accomplished by drag & drop feature which enables you to quickly construct an email by adding various fields like image-text, 2 and 3 column fields and a button. This button can be used to create a call-to-action process like signing up etc.

Attract clients for charity purpose by sending these email campaigns,

  • Child’s Care NGO. Nourishing kids for better tomorrow.
  • Water Relief Foundation. We care for clean water supply.

2. Send Emails Automatically & Encourage People To Volunteer For Your Charity Events 

What strengthens a non-profit establishment more than it’s work efficacy is its workforce or volunteers. But the general public sometimes fails to attend an event due to various communication barriers.

MailGet Bolt reinforces this email marketing plan with drip emailing feature. This allows you to just set date/time on emails depending upon when to send it. On the arrival of that time or date, the emails are triggered automatically hence overcoming that communication barrier.

Apart from this feature, you can also follow up on your new or existing supporters with the help of auto responding emails. This auto responding email is sent as soon as the users take an action like sign up, referral, etc.

Checking up on your charity’s clients through these drip emailing examples:

  • Be a part of Rain Water Harvesting campaign.
  • Thank you for joining our cause.
  • Volunteer for clean streets crusade.

3. Segmentize Your Charity’s Support Force By Sharing Relevant Information

MailGet Bolt has again played a masterstroke by adding a categorization method in this email marketing strategy. This permits your institution to classify various world issues and create a distinct emailing list of your clients based on their contribution interests.

Apart from all these magnificent features, you can keep track of your sent emails and monitor a separate list of sent, opened, clicked and unsubscribed user actions. After knowing all the stats, you will be able to analyze basic mindset of people and devise your new targeting strategy.

Aside from client’s support & few generous donations, all your charity needs is this email marketing approach to change the world.

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