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Writing is not that easy task as people think, it takes a lot of research and hard work, If you are a Blogger, Book writer or Journal Writer, then you’ll know how much time it takes to prepare a single article.

But this hard work will go waste if your customer won’t read it. All you need a good marketing and promotion strategy to nurture your skills.

To do so, you’re gonna need a powerful email marketing service by which you can email your subscribers and can show them your amazing writing skills.

MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Writers, will be a great help for promotion and marketing of your books & blogs.

It has so many extraordinary features by which you can attract your subscribers just by sending an email to them.

Let’s take a look at some features:-

Email Builder – Build Email Templates To Showcase Your Books & Blogs

MailGet Bolt’s email builder is so powerful, that you can easily create a stunning email in just a few clicks for blogs and books. Here we have 4 types of email builder:-

-> Drag & Drop email Builder, most used and versatile builder, Use images of your traveling blogs and books images to attract people to read your blog or book.

-> Basic Text editor, a milestone for formal text editing, use regular emails to let them know about your next book or adventure blog.

-> Custom Code Editor, use HTML code instead of text, rest of the things will be same as a basic text editor.

-> Theme Templates, build email using theme templates, here we have pre-designed templates for different categories. Choose what best fits for you.

Add Contacts – Easy To Manage Your Blog Subscriber’s List

You can add and manage a huge number of contacts in a few clicks. You can make different lists such as:-

Travel Blogs List, New Book Launch List, Journal List, Book Reading List etc.


  1. Improve efficiency in sending emails, so you can connect to more book reading customers in less time.
  2. The better arrangement saves your quality time, and in the meantime, you can work on your new books.
  3. Easily manageable customer’s list, If you want to move few people from traveling blog list to another list, just remove them and add in another list.

Drip Campaign – Schedule Emails To Your New Book Launch

No one notices that there is perfect timing to send an email, timing when the probability of opening an email is on the peak.

This work can effectively be done by Drip Campaign. You can set any timing and date according to you and it’ll automatically send by drip campaign without any human interference.


  1. Reduce manual work, so that you can focus on other blogs or books.
  2. Simple & effective working, reach to journal reading customers easily.
  3. Easy automation, once created a drip, your workload is off.

Email Tracking – Evaluate Your Performance For Any Particular Book Or Blog:-  

You can get all details on your sent email such as – who opened it, who unsubscribed it.


  1. Reach out to your potential customers.
  2. Make more sales, where opening rates are high.
  3. Target the selective audience.


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